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Results of spot treatments & acne on black skin

Hatouma : "So before I start I would like to thank from the bottom of my heart the brand IN'OYA that gave me the chance to win the OYA program because without lying I did not believe it at all for me it was impossible that this luck falls on me and in the end if I was lucky to have this program because we can say it changed me.


For the first time in my life I saw the result on my face because I tried everything but really tried everything and never did anything to walk on me, I had even lost hope that my face will never change but the OYA program has been a new breath for me.


The products of the brand are great, they have a beautiful texture smell good, IN'OYA products are a miracle for black skin so I recommend everyone to test this brand.


Thanks to IN'OYA"


 Hatouma used:

- CLEAN’OYA® My Foam « Purifying Cleansing »: Morning and night to cleanse and matify the skin

CLEAN’OYA® My Cleansing Micellar Water « Sensitive Skin » : Every night to cleanse your skin

- MEL’OYA® & MAT’OYA® My Corrector « Unifying Matifying »: Every morning to matify and unify your skin

MEL'OYA® My Correcting Serum: Every night on the spot areas, on clean and dry skin

ACN’OYA® My Targeted Corrector « Local Imperfections »: Every night on the whole of her face to treat her pimples

CLEAN’OYA EXTRA® My Gel « Cleansing Exfoliating »: 2 to 3 times per week with emphasis on areas to be treated

SUN’OYA My Sun Fluid SPF 50®: Every morning to protect your skin from sun damage