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Do IN’OYA products contain hydroquinone or corticoids ?

No, IN’OYA products are not lightening products. They are formulated without hydroquinone or corticoids, or any other substances which are toxic to the skin. IN’OYA products are fabricated according to the strictest of European regulations, in line with the requirements of the French Office for the safety of health products (AFSSAPS).

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Are IN’OYA products BIO and/or natural ?

Yes, IN’OYA products are created with natural and/or ECOCERT labelled ingredients. All of our products offer the highest quality and the highest guarantee for ecology and nature.

Do IN’OYA products contain ingredients of African origin ?

IN'OYA Laboratoire is committed to study and formulate products based on active ingredients from trees planted within the sustainable development project “The Great Green Wall of Africa”. Because of this commitment, IN'OYA obtains natural products based on ingredients originating from Africa.

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Are IN’OYA products comedogenic ?

All IN’OYA products are non-comedogenic. This means that they do not encourage the appearance of comedones or black heads. IN'OYA Laboratoire is committed to formulating effective products without nasty side effects, as stipulated by current legislation relating to cosmetic products.

Do IN’OYA products contain anti-UV ingredients ?

No, IN’OYA products do not contain UV filters since the formulation of a sun protection product is different to that of a classic skincare product. Suncare products must remain on the surface of the skin, whereas IN’OYA skincare products must penetrate the skin properly to do their job. Also, current controversial differences which exist in sun care ingredients (chemicals and carcinogens and/or use of nanoparticles as natural filters) have encouraged us to develop our own sun filters which are adapted to black and dark skin and which are now available in My Sun Fluid SUN’OYA®

Can I become an IN’OYA ambassador ?

Are you pleased with your experience of IN’OYA products? Do you believe that the brand should be shared with your friends and relatives? Contact us via Ambassadors to discover the special OYA program which allows you to benefit from exceptional offers specifically for each ambassador.

The “Satisfied or your money back” program. How will I get my money back ?

We offer a 3-month satisfaction guarantee for all of our products. If an IN’OYA product doesn’t meet your expectations, you can return it to us at any time for any reason. We are committed to exchanging the product or refunding you by cheque within 1 month of receipt of your request. All you need to do is contact our team at contact@inoya-laboratoire.com or +33 (0) 4 42 90 72 28.

How long should you keep IN’OYA products before opening them ?

It is possible to keep an IN’OYA product for up to 30 months between the date of purchase and first use. Most of our formulas have a proven stability of more than 30 months guaranteeing their effectiveness and especially guaranteeing the absence of side effects.

How long should you keep IN’OYA products once opened ?

IN’OYA products undergo stringent testing which allow us to evaluate the maximum storage durability in the same conditions as the products are generally used in (humid atmosphere of the bathroom, ambient heat...). Once the packaging is open, usage up to 6 months is recommended. The usage duration after opening of each product is mentioned on the packaging with a pictogram represented by a pot on which there is a number and a letter M. The number and the letter M represent, in months, the recommended usage duration after opening.

How long does the MEL’OYA Correcting Serum treatment last ?

Used only at night, locally on your pigment spots, MEL’OYA® Correcting Serum lasts around 8 weeks. Effectiveness is expected from 28 days and you can use this for just one month according to your problems to achieve a smooth complexion and radiant skin.

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How long does treatment with products from the MEL’OYA Unifying range last ?

Used as a daytime skin care product every morning, the IN’OYA Unifying skin care products last between 6 and 8 weeks. If used in conjunction with the MEL’OYA® Correcting Serum, you will see results immediately. Whatever your skin type, you will find your skin becomes hydrated and smooth for dry to very dry skin, and more mattified for mixed to oily skin.

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Can the IN’OYA “face” products be used on the body and vice versa ?

The Correcting Serum can be used on localised hyperpigmentation spots on the face and on any other part of the body. However for the Unifying skin care products, it is better to follow the terms of use since the active ingredients correspond to a specific study for each of the different skin types. Whilst applying facial products to the body is not dangerous, applying body products to the face can cause reactions due to the fragile nature of the facial skin, causing it to have more specific requirements.

To unify skin colour on the body, it is better to use MEL'OYA® Lite My Body Milk Unifying Moisturizing

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Can an oil or natural ingredient be added to an IN’OYA product ?

No, it is not advised to add even natural ingredients to your cosmetic products since this can end up changing the appearance, colour, odour or stability of your product, and in some cases the effectiveness of it.

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Do IN’OYA products work on men ?

Using IN’OYA products on men is quite possible since they are subject to the same problems as women. Men can be concerned about pigment spots caused by acne, sun or even shaving.

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Should MEL’OYA Correcting Serum be applied all over the face ?

MEL’OYA® Correcting Serum can be applied all over the face. However, local application onto facial or body pigment spots is more than sufficient to treat pigment spots effectively up until they start to reduce or disappear.

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Can I wear make-up after using an IN’OYA product ?

At the heart of beautiful black skin, IN'OYA Laboratoire has developed all of their products so that they can be integrated into the normal female beauty ritual. Make-up is an important part of your beauty regime and the IN’OYA range, as well as the Unifying skin care products, have been formulated to be used as a base for make-up.

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Are IN’OYA products tested on animals ?

No, we do test our products on animals and we follow those European cosmetic regulations which prohibit such testing. Our products are tested in cell cultures (living cell reconstructions) to provide results which are even closer to real human usage. These cell tests are then supplemented with clinical tests on healthy volunteers.

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Are IN’OYA products clinically tested ?

Yes, IN’OYA products are subject to a full set of tests which allow us to verify their effectiveness and safety. The tolerance of our finished product is verified by implementing alternative methods (in-vitro methods) before clinical tolerance tests on healthy volunteers.

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Can I participate in the studies and clinical tests ?

As we strive for continuous improvement of the quality of our products, IN’OYA carries out regular clinical tests on healthy volunteers. To participate in one of our numerous clinical studies, contact us.

Do IN’OYA come with a guarantee of no side effects ?

In order to guarantee the safety of our products, we begin with physical/chemical tests to verify the quality of the ingredients going into our formulas. Then we select active ingredients which are effective, innovative and above all safe, via in-vivo and ex-vivo tests. Finally, our finished products are subjected to dermatological tests to ensure their total safety.

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Are IN’OYA products proven to be effective ?

Yes, our products are the result of patented scientific research. Most of our main active ingredients come from French public research or from internal research at IN’OYA. This commitment to having our active ingredients come from research allows us to provide final products where their effectiveness has been well studied before we formulate the product.

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How long does it take for IN’OYA products to work ?

With each active ingredient developed by IN'OYA Laboratoire, the challenge was finding a balance between effectiveness and lack of side effects. Products which promise results in just a few days are generally products with significant side effects. Most of the active ingredients developed by IN’OYA have a proven effect within a maximum of 28 days.

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Complaints and Allergies (to make a complaint or let us know of an allergy to one of our products...)

Our products are specially formulated to suit all skin types (normal, mixed, oily, dry). We are committed to clinically testing each product that we release onto the market. However in the event of an allergic reaction to one of our products, or for any other complaint, you can notify us by post (IN’OYA Laboratoire SAS – Pôle d’activités Y. Morandat – 13120 Gardanne, France), by e-mail, or by telephone +33 4. 42. 90. 72 .28 or by simply notifying your pharmacist.

Are your products effective on all skin types ?

IN'OYA Laboratoire focuses its research on the specific requirements of black and dark skin. By combining the strength of science with a desire to bring out the beauty of Afro-Caribbean skin, IN’OYA has developed a range of products specifically dedicated to the problems experienced by IV to VI phototypes. However, our products are also effective if the skin is lighter.

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Where can I find IN’OYA products ?

We only distribute our products in pharmacies and drugstores. To find out about a point of sale near you, go to My points of sale and enter your post code. You can also order our products on-line directly from us on this website.

How can I get some samples ?

You will receive free sample at every order on www.inoya-laboratoire.com ! You can also visit one of your nearby distributor pharmacies. Go to My points of sale. An advisor will be able to help you discover our products and will provide you with samples subject to availability. You can also request a sample by contacting us at contact@inoya-laboratoire.com and by letting us know some information (surname, name, address and skin type) so that we can deal with your request as quickly as possible.

Where are IN’OYA products made ?

IN’OYA products are made in the south of France in a facility which complies with the European standards for Good Manufacturing Practice.

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Can I become an IN’OYA ambassador ?

Are you pleased with your experience of IN’OYA products? Do you believe that the brand should be shared with your friends and relatives? Contact us via Ambassadors to discover the special OYA program which allows you to benefit from exceptional offers specifically for each ambassador.

How do I place an order on-line ?

To order on-line, all you need to do is add one or more items to your basket, verify your basket, verify who you are, choose a delivery address and choose a payment method. Go to: My Basket

If you need help, you can contact our team to order online, we are available on +33 (0) 4 42 90 72 28 or contact@inoya-laboratoire.com

Do you deliver world-wide ?

Yes, we deliver our products world-wild !

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What are the delivery times ?

Delivery times depend on the delivery destination. For deliveries in Europe, the time varies between 2 and 5 days. For Canada or the US, your order will take between 5 an 10 days for delivery. For deliveries to North West Africa and Africa, you can expect a wait of 1 to 2 weeks.

How do I create an account or recover a forgotten password ?

To create an OYA account or recover a forgotten password, go to My Club OYA.

How can I read one of the scientific papers in its entirety ?

The summary of each paper is available for all users on the IN’OYA web site. This summary is sufficient in itself and allows visitors to have a general view of the problem to be treated. To access the full paper, the user must have a free account and click on My Club OYA.

How can I opt out of the newsletter ?

To unsubscribe to our newsletter, send STOP to client@inoya-laboratoire.com