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Do IN’OYA products contain hydroquinone or corticoids ?

No, IN’OYA products are not lightening products. They are formulated without hydroquinone or corticoids, or any other substances which are toxic to the skin. IN’OYA products are fabricated according to the strictest of European regulations, in line with the requirements of the French Office for the safety of health products (AFSSAPS).

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Are IN’OYA products BIO and/or natural ?

Yes, IN’OYA products are created with natural and/or ECOCERT labelled ingredients. All of our products offer the highest quality and the highest guarantee for ecology and nature.

Do IN’OYA products contain ingredients of African origin ?

IN'OYA Laboratoire is committed to study and formulate products based on active ingredients from trees planted within the sustainable development project “The Great Green Wall of Africa”. Because of this commitment, IN'OYA obtains natural products based on ingredients originating from Africa.

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Are IN’OYA products comedogenic ?

All IN’OYA products are non-comedogenic. This means that they do not encourage the appearance of comedones or black heads. IN'OYA Laboratoire is committed to formulating effective products without nasty side effects, as stipulated by current legislation relating to cosmetic products.

Do IN’OYA products contain anti-UV ingredients ?

No, IN’OYA products do not contain UV filters since the formulation of a sun protection product is different to that of a classic skincare product. Suncare products must remain on the surface of the skin, whereas IN’OYA skincare products must penetrate the skin properly to do their job. Also, current controversial differences which exist in sun care ingredients (chemicals and carcinogens and/or use of nanoparticles as natural filters) have encouraged us to develop our own sun filters which are adapted to black and dark skin and which are now available in My Sun Fluid SUN’OYA®

Can I become an IN’OYA ambassador ?

Are you pleased with your experience of IN’OYA products? Do you believe that the brand should be shared with your friends and relatives? Contact us via Ambassadors to discover the special OYA program which allows you to benefit from exceptional offers specifically for each ambassador.

The “Satisfied or your money back” program. How will I get my money back ?

We offer a 3-month satisfaction guarantee for all of our products. If an IN’OYA product doesn’t meet your expectations, you can return it to us at any time for any reason. We are committed to exchanging the product or refunding you by cheque within 1 month of receipt of your request. All you need to do is contact our team at or +33 (0) 4 42 90 72 28.