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MEL'OYA range - Anti-Stains

The exclusive "MEL'OYA® " technology brings together a complex of active ingredients that offers an unprecedented "anti-stain" action, scientifically proven and clinically tested.


CLEAN'OYA range - Cleaners

The treatments of the "CLEAN'OYA®" range cleanse, purify in depth and reveal the radiance of the complexion while respecting the natural balance of black, matte and mixed skin.


REPAIR'OYA range - Regenerating & Repairing

Inoya offers the essential care for matte, black and mixed skin: the Elixir "Regenerating Repairing" from the REPAIR'OYA range.


ACN'OYA range - Anti-imperfections

Inoya Laboratories deploys its patented ACN'OYA® technology to help pigmented skin with acne-prone tendencies.


SUN'OYA range - Sun protection

The "SUN'OYA®" technology, patented by Inoya laboratories, meets the needs of pigmented skin vulnerable to the sun and/or under anti-stain or anti-imperfection treatment.


Adapted to your skin type and problematic, choose the pack that suits you for maximum efficiency and visible results.