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How long should you keep IN’OYA products before opening them ?

It is possible to keep an IN’OYA product for up to 30 months between the date of purchase and first use. Most of our formulas have a proven stability of more than 30 months guaranteeing their effectiveness and especially guaranteeing the absence of side effects.

How long should you keep IN’OYA products once opened ?

IN’OYA products undergo stringent testing which allow us to evaluate the maximum storage durability in the same conditions as the products are generally used in (humid atmosphere of the bathroom, ambient heat...). Once the packaging is open, usage up to 6 months is recommended. The usage duration after opening of each product is mentioned on the packaging with a pictogram represented by a pot on which there is a number and a letter M. The number and the letter M represent, in months, the recommended usage duration after opening.

How long does the MEL’OYA Correcting Serum treatment last ?

Used only at night, locally on your pigment spots, MEL’OYA® Correcting Serum lasts around 8 weeks. Effectiveness is expected from 28 days and you can use this for just one month according to your problems to achieve a smooth complexion and radiant skin.

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How long does treatment with products from the MEL’OYA Unifying range last ?

Used as a daytime skin care product every morning, the IN’OYA Unifying skin care products last between 6 and 8 weeks. If used in conjunction with the MEL’OYA® Correcting Serum, you will see results immediately. Whatever your skin type, you will find your skin becomes hydrated and smooth for dry to very dry skin, and more mattified for mixed to oily skin.

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Can the IN’OYA “face” products be used on the body and vice versa ?

The Correcting Serum can be used on localised hyperpigmentation spots on the face and on any other part of the body. However for the Unifying skin care products, it is better to follow the terms of use since the active ingredients correspond to a specific study for each of the different skin types. Whilst applying facial products to the body is not dangerous, applying body products to the face can cause reactions due to the fragile nature of the facial skin, causing it to have more specific requirements.

To unify skin colour on the body, it is better to use MEL'OYA® Lite My Body Milk Unifying Moisturizing

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Can an oil or natural ingredient be added to an IN’OYA product ?

No, it is not advised to add even natural ingredients to your cosmetic products since this can end up changing the appearance, colour, odour or stability of your product, and in some cases the effectiveness of it.

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Do IN’OYA products work on men ?

Using IN’OYA products on men is quite possible since they are subject to the same problems as women. Men can be concerned about pigment spots caused by acne, sun or even shaving.

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Should MEL’OYA Correcting Serum be applied all over the face ?

MEL’OYA® Correcting Serum can be applied all over the face. However, local application onto facial or body pigment spots is more than sufficient to treat pigment spots effectively up until they start to reduce or disappear.

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Can I wear make-up after using an IN’OYA product ?

At the heart of beautiful black skin, IN'OYA Laboratoire has developed all of their products so that they can be integrated into the normal female beauty ritual. Make-up is an important part of your beauty regime and the IN’OYA range, as well as the Unifying skin care products, have been formulated to be used as a base for make-up.

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