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Effectiveness is our guarantee!

The expertise of our R&D team and our scientific partners (CNRS and INSERM) enables us to develop natural formulas for women of colour with scientifically-proven effectiveness.

Most of our products are formulated using patented actives developed in our laboratories in cooperation with France's largest research laboratories.

The effectiveness of the MEL’OYA® skin tone corrector range has been proven from 28 days of use using in vivo and ex vivo tests as well as through clinical trials conducted on a panel of women with phototype IV to VI skin with hyperpigmentation issues (inflammatory, sun or hormonal causes). During these trials, 91% of the women saw a clear reduction in dark spots, a more even complexion and improved glow.

The effectiveness of IN'OYA products has even won over dermatologists: it is the leading product for dark and olive skin tones recommended by dermatologists in France and Africa.

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Innovation is in our DNA!

In partnership with France's leading research laboratories (CNRS – Joint Research Unit UMR 7273 and INSERM – Joint Research Unit UMR 911), IN'OYA guarantees innovative, patented effective and safe actives in each of its formulas.

The MEL’OYA® technology, a patented skin tone corrector innovation specially designed for dark and olive skin tones received a European patent (EP2705830/A1) and an international patent (WO2014/037111/A2) in cooperation with Aix-Université and the French National Center for Scientific Research (CNRS).

Scientific publications have made IN'OYA a standard-bearer in the field of dermatology for dark and olive skin. The IN'OYA team incessantly innovates to offer ever more effective and safe skincare products.

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Specificity is our signature !

IN'OYA is a professional brand dedicated specifically to creating skincare products for dark and olive skin tones. The MEL’OYA® technology was studied and developed especially for the skin issues faced by women of colour. Our main actives also take into account the specificities and special needs of dark and olive skin.

Our « in-vitro » and « ex-vivo » tests were carried out on layers of dark skin. Our clinical trials are conducted solely on women with phototype IV to VI skin.

As a result, the MEL’OYA® skin tone corrector range takes into account the specific needs of dark and olive skin to effectively treat problems due to hyperpigmentation.



Our promise is to develop safe products!

At IN'OYA, we know that just because a product is effective, that does not necessarily mean it is safe, which is why we carry out clinical trials on each active ingredient we develop. These clinical trials must prove both the effectiveness and the absence of side effects in compounds in "in-vivo" and "ex-vivo" tests before any product with these ingredients are marketed. 

In our laboratories, our products are clinically tested using cutting-edge technologies developed from alternative research models (cell cultures, reconstructed epidermis, etc.) and healthy human volunteers. Our results prove the complete absence of side effects.

All IN'OYA products are non-comedogenic. They are paraben- and hydroquinone-free, and contain 95% natural ingredients. 



Proximity is our priority !

IN'OYA has put specific tools into place for women of colour, regardless of how they come to IN'OYA. Whether they contact us by email, telephone, social media or directly, they receive complete, tailored and unbiased attention.

We listen to women and take a unique approach to tackling all their skin-related issues by remembering that behind each request is a unique woman with her own unique issues and expectations.

If despite our best efforts you are not completely satisfied, IN'OYA will refund your purchase if you live in an area where IN'OYA directly markets its products (France, Europe, etc.).

If you would like a refund, send us an email at or call us: +33 (0) 4 42 90 72 28


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