Search for black and brown skin

Search for black and brown skin

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Our Founders

At IN'OYA, we put women of colour in the spotlight!

Why should women of colour have to choose between beauty and health? Why should treating spots and correcting skin tone increase the risk of developing cancer or destroying your skin?

As a man of Senegalese descent and an engineer specialized in biomedical studies, I decided to create IN'OYA to place the focus of scientific research on dark and olive skin tones alongside France's leading laboratories (CNRS, INSERM, Faculties of Pharmacy, etc.). Each product developed by IN'OYA gives women – who we call OYAs – an effective, clinically-proven and side effect-free cosmetic treatment. The scourge of voluntary skin lightening also made me want to offer healthy products that respect the skin so that all women with black and brown skin can make their skin look its best while taking care of their health.

Innovation is written in our DNA, and the Great Green Wall of the Sahara is our inspiration for effective, solidarity-based and natural products.

I dedicate our products to the first OYA, my mother, who pushes me to continue searching with the entire OYA team for the most effective active ingredient, the best biological formal and the best clinical trials to make healthy beauty products for women of colour.

Abd Haq Bengeloune, Founder & CEO

Of Moroccan descent and with a PhD in Economics and Management, I've been part of the IN'OYA adventure since the beginning and have always been convinced of its strong potential for development. Personally faced with a dearth of products specifically suited to my olive skin, I decided to join the IN'OYA team as co-founder and Head of Marketing.

Products currently on the market offer only products for fair skin and rarely cater to olive skin. At IN'OYA, women with dark and olive skin tones will finally find what they're looking for. It is with great conviction that I have thrown myself into this venture to offer effective skincare products specifically formulated for olive skin with their particular needs in mind.

Abd Haq Bengeloune and I share the same values and convictions, and are committed to providing healthy and effective products to women with dark and olive skin tones. 

Today, not only do I use IN'OYA products, but I'm proud to see my mother use the IN'OYA range as well.

Laïla MKIMER, Co-Founder & Head of Marketing

Laïla MKIMER - Co-Founder IN'OYA

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