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Are IN’OYA products tested on animals ?

No, we do test our products on animals and we follow those European cosmetic regulations which prohibit such testing. Our products are tested in cell cultures (living cell reconstructions) to provide results which are even closer to real human usage. These cell tests are then supplemented with clinical tests on healthy volunteers.

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Are IN’OYA products clinically tested ?

Yes, IN’OYA products are subject to a full set of tests which allow us to verify their effectiveness and safety. The tolerance of our finished product is verified by implementing alternative methods (in-vitro methods) before clinical tolerance tests on healthy volunteers.

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Can I participate in the studies and clinical tests ?

As we strive for continuous improvement of the quality of our products, IN’OYA carries out regular clinical tests on healthy volunteers. To participate in one of our numerous clinical studies, contact us.

Do IN’OYA come with a guarantee of no side effects ?

In order to guarantee the safety of our products, we begin with physical/chemical tests to verify the quality of the ingredients going into our formulas. Then we select active ingredients which are effective, innovative and above all safe, via in-vivo and ex-vivo tests. Finally, our finished products are subjected to dermatological tests to ensure their total safety.

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Are IN’OYA products proven to be effective ?

Yes, our products are the result of patented scientific research. Most of our main active ingredients come from French public research or from internal research at IN’OYA. This commitment to having our active ingredients come from research allows us to provide final products where their effectiveness has been well studied before we formulate the product.

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How long does it take for IN’OYA products to work ?

With each active ingredient developed by IN'OYA Laboratoire, the challenge was finding a balance between effectiveness and lack of side effects. Products which promise results in just a few days are generally products with significant side effects. Most of the active ingredients developed by IN’OYA have a proven effect within a maximum of 28 days.

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Complaints and Allergies (to make a complaint or let us know of an allergy to one of our products...)

Our products are specially formulated to suit all skin types (normal, mixed, oily, dry). We are committed to clinically testing each product that we release onto the market. However in the event of an allergic reaction to one of our products, or for any other complaint, you can notify us by post (IN’OYA Laboratoire SAS – Pôle d’activités Y. Morandat – 13120 Gardanne, France), by e-mail, or by telephone +33 4. 42. 90. 72 .28 or by simply notifying your pharmacist.

Are your products effective on all skin types ?

IN'OYA Laboratoire focuses its research on the specific requirements of black and dark skin. By combining the strength of science with a desire to bring out the beauty of Afro-Caribbean skin, IN’OYA has developed a range of products specifically dedicated to the problems experienced by IV to VI phototypes. However, our products are also effective if the skin is lighter.

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