Corinne, Brown spots on the T-zone of the face

Inflammatory brown spots on the T-zone of the face

“Hello, my name is Corinne, It all started, at the end of 2021 it was the race for work and the stress of work took place quite crescendo in my life accompanied by a poor diet.

This resulted in several pimples mainly on my forehead and mouth. Being a bad student, I touched them and pierced them so I had a lot of brown spots located mainly in the T zone of my face.

During the end-of-year celebrations, the IN'OYA brand offered a contest for a 3-month OYA program. So I decided to participate because it was the right opportunity to help me deal with my problems with spots and pimples on my face. To my surprise, the brand contacted me to participate in the program.

After a few telephone exchanges with an adviser on my skin problem, the brand sent me a range of products adapted to my dark spot problem. Basically, I've been using the brand for 3 years because I really like the Matifying Care, the Exfoliating Gel and the Purifying Cleansing Foam. But with the program, I had the full range, including the Repairing Regenerating Elixir and the new Unifying and Complexion Radiance Food Supplements.

In addition, I benefited from monthly exchanges with a counselor to set up a daily and weekly routine and also to help me make optimal use of each of the products. After 2 weeks, I directly saw a difference, in fact, my skin was less oily and my spots were already starting to fade.

As the weeks went by, I saw a marked improvement:

  • Reduction of sebum in the T zone

  • Smooth skin texture

  • Pore ​​tightening

  • Fewer buttons

  • Tasks that have faded significantly

After 3 months of the program, my complexion is unified and my skin is well hydrated. Almost all my spots have disappeared and the appearance of pimples is becoming increasingly rare. In addition, this program allowed me to acquire a rhythm and a face routine adapted to my skin. Today I really feel that my skin is healthy. Thank you to the brand for giving me this opportunity and making me participate in the program. »

Corinne used:

My CLEAN'OYA® Purifying Cleansing Foam: Morning and evening on the entire face

My MAT'OYA® Matifying Unifying Care: In the morning on clean, dry skin all over the face

My Sun Fluid SUN'OYA®: Morning on the whole face

My CLEAN'OYA® Exfoliating Cleansing Gel: Every evening for 15 days then twice a week, emphasizing the areas to be treated.

My MEL'OYA® Dark Spot Serum: Every night on hyperpigmentation spots, on clean, dry skin.

My Food Supplement Unifying & Radiance Complexion MEL'OYA® CAPS: 1 capsule, in the evening, for 3 months

My CLEAN'OYA® LITE "Softness & Radiance" Purifying Mask: 1 to 2 times a week, in the evening

My "Regenerating Repairing" REPAIR'OYA® Elixir: Every evening on the entire face


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