Syndie, 30 years old: Black spots and pimples on the face

Syndie : before after dark spots


"I have combination to oily skin and since very young I have had skin problems.

Regular consultations with the dermatologist, roacutan 2 X 8 months following the failure of the first treatment. Antibiotics, creams, Diane35... and so on! I have been a parapharmacy consultant and needless to say, I have tried products to overcome these pimples. Still, no major changes on my face. Pimples = scars = spots

Then comes the day I discover IN'OYA : it was liberation!

I no longer have buttons, and even during the famous monthly period so no more tasks. My IN'OYA adventure began in March 2019 and to this day I remain faithful. So I continue my treatment against my old spots.

They are not magical but very effective for me. This is my morning and evening routine to guarantee me a skin: Without pimples, without spots, smooth and luminous.

My skin problems are from the past, it was my pet peeve, to the point of making up (camouflage) by default.

Just 3 products that have changed my daily life... if only go out without makeup... it was impossible for me (too much shame).

My skin type has also been regulated... yes I went from oily skin to MIXED.

You have understood it I am IN LOVE! Thank you IN'OYA. "

Syndie used:

- My MEL'OYA® Anti-Spot Serum: Every night on hyperpigmentation spots, on clean and dry skin.

My CLEAN'OYA® Exfoliating Cleansing Gel: Every night for 15 days and then 2 to 3 times a week emphasizing the areas to be treated.

My Mel'OYA® Mattifying Unifying Care : Every morning on the whole face.