Aminata, 21 years old: Black spots and pimples on the face

traitement taches noire et boutons

Aminata: "I started my IN'OYA treatment for black spots and pimples last November. I was very complex, I had severe acne that was rotting my life for 3 years I tried all kinds of synthetic products, natural, organic but it only increased them and budget level I really invested and I am a student I can not afford to throw my money by buying products that do not serve me anything. It was through a friend that I discovered this brand and then I visited your site from where I found that you can win a treatment and I thought why not.

IN'OYA products have been very beneficial for my skin. I have fewer buttons and the tasks are getting lighter too. I no longer feel any greasy effects on my skin. I use the products daily and have even stopped using foundation. I really recommend this range for anyone who has pimples and spots on their face."

Aminata used:

- My Cleansing Cleansing Foam CLEAN'OYA® : Morning and evening to cleanse and mattify the skin

- My Micellar Water Sensitive Skin CLEAN'OYA®: Every evening to remove makeup

- My Mel'OYA® Matifying Unifying Care : Every morning to mattify and unify your skin

- My MEL'OYA® Anti-Stain Serum : Every night on the spots areas, on clean and dry skin

- My ACN'OYA® Anti-Imperfetion Care Every night on the face to dry them quickly and avoid residual marks

- My CLEAN'OYA® Exfoliating Cleansing Gel: 2 to 3 times a week emphasizing the areas to be treated