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Excellent results from the first month of treatment

RAMATOULAYE 1 comment(s)

Ramatoulaye – Testimonial on IN’OYA products


I found out about IN’OYA by accident, when my husband gave me a flyer about the brand. 

He didn’t even know what it was but he thought it might interest me. I read it and logged onto their website straight away because I had lots of blemishes and dark spots at that time. I was pregnant at the time and couldn’t use many products to treat my acne, I hated the way my face looked...

I started talking to the team via Email. They were very fast to reply and responded to all my questions. I immediately began using their products (the Correcting Serum and the Corrector Unifying Matifying). After 1 month I saw so much improvement and instantly wanted the whole range. Because the whole range isn’t available yet in Senegal, where I’m from, I made use of the OYA Program: 3 months of free treatment to be won. I tried my luck and I won!

I was so happy when I received my package with the whole range for my treatment, including the Correcting Serum and the Corrector Unifying Matifying, but also the Skin Care Anti-imperfections, the Foam Purifying Cleansing and the Gel Cleanser Exfoliating. I began the treatment, and my sebum diminished more and more. My face looks less oily, as well as more smooth, and the spots began to disappear except for just a few pimples. I am still continuing with the treatment and I know that I will see more improvement in the next few months!

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Olympia - 11/06/17 à 20:38

Ma peaux n'est pas noir, mais j'ai le problème ,car j'ai le diabète. Souvent j'ai de boutons que tres vit devient comme herpès. J'ai commencé par quelques testers (proposé dans un farmaci à Saint Denis - mon correcteur cible).Et....c'est la magie ! J'ai vite acheter encore de produits pour faire une soin compte. J'ai 44 ans et mon visage n'à jamais été aussi propre et lumineux.
J'ai envoyé de quelques produits INOYA à ma fille en Italie. Et elle aussi est restée très satisfaite et contente.
Donc...nous on sait déjà notre cadeau pour Noël :)


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