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Search for black and brown skin

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Tips to get rid of Spots and Acne on Black Skin

The figures speak for themselves: nearly 80% of women with dark and olive skin suffer from acne, and not just as teenagers! This very common skin problem can be extremely bothersome and often leaves undesirable marks on the skin.

So what do you need to know about acne, and how can you effectively deal with it?

You should know that acne is the result of four factors :

  • Excessive sebum production, which is generally caused by hormones but can also result from overly oily make-up, which clogs pores
  • Hyperkeratinization, which is excessive production of keratin in the epidermis which plug sebaceous ducts
  • Bacterial infection, which proliferate by feeding on sebum
  • Inflammation, caused by the multiplication of bacteria

All four factors must be addressed to effectively treat acne. It is crucial to use suitable products and completely avoid skin lightening products, which can aggravate the appearance of spots and interfere with your treatment.


1. Clean your face and neck in the morning and evening using an antibacterial cleanser

2. If you have combination or oily skin, use a daily seboregulating product such as MEL’OYA® My Corrector Unifying Matifying to mattify and smooth skin

3. Use a product every day that is specifically formulated for acne-prone dark skin such as ACN’OYA® My Skin Care Anti-imperfection or ACN’OYA® My Targeted Corrector depending on your needs. Each of these products will address the four factors mentioned previously.

4. You can then treat dark spots due to hyperpigmentation that are left by blemishes with MEL’OYA® My Correcting Serum . Remember that it is important to treat blemishes before tackling dark spots !


Once or twice a week, gently exfoliate your skin to clear pores and let your skin breathe. Opt for exfoliant products such as CLEAN'OYA® with salicylic acid, because this active will act deeply on skin without irritating it and will promote renewal to speed the effect of your treatment. Your skin will be simply radiant!

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Jeanne Chantal Ngwane Segning - 10/21/16 à 11:14

Je suis vraiment interessè par la gamme .mais je reside actuellement en chine .Comment faire pour lacheter et lavoir.?