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Ibrahim, 23 years old : Painful acne pimples

IBRAHIM 2 comment(s)

severe acne pimples black skin

Ibrahim : 

I contacted the IN'OYA team because I was really tired of all the acne spots I had on my face. I had tried a lot of different products, I had seen a dermatologist and started treatments but nothing had worked and I was really discouraged.

This is why I was really happy to get an answer from the team, who gave me a lot of advice and sent me a personnalised care protocol and products for my treatment.

On the advice of the IN'OYA team, I used My Skin Care anti-imperfections to treat my acne, My Corrector Unifying Matifying for my oily skin, My Gel Cleanser Exfoliating to optimize the renewal of my skin and and My Foam Purifying Cleansing  for the daily cleansing of my skin. 

I was really counting on these products because I was really suffering.

Progressively, I saw a real improvement: my skin was less oily and smoother, the big spots had disappeared even if there was still some left I knew I would also get rid of them eventually. Today I am truly relieved to see the results and to have finally found a solution for my skin problems! This is why I thank the IN'OYA team with all my heart, I was glad to be well advised and that I could trust them for this treatment!

Ibrahim used: 

- MEL'OYA® My Corrector Unifying MatifyingEvery morning after cleansing your face

- ACN'OYA® My Skin Care anti-imperfections: Every night on the whole face or localy on imperfections areas

CLEAN'OYA® EXTRA My Gel Cleanser Exfoliating: 2 or 3 times a week to stimulate skin renewal

- CLEAN'OYA®   My Foam Purifying Cleasing Morning and evening on the whole face

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Marine - 06/16/16 à 22:09

Coucou Ibrahim je suis contente pour toi, tu as un résultat vraiment formidable. Je comprends à quel point tu dois être soulagé car moi je suis métisse et j'ai des tâches sur le visage et ca me fait vraiment perdre ma confiance en moi. En tout cas ton témoignage m'a motivé!! Je te souhaite une bonne continuation

Sandra N - 09/16/16 à 23:38

Voici une semaine que j ai recu mon serum anti taches mel' l utilise chaque soir.Je fonde beaucoup d'espoir sur ce produit pour estomper de vilaines taches sur lesjambes secondaire a des poils incarnés.Y a longtemps que j essai bon nombre de serum et cremes sans resultats.Je reviendrais d ici peu avc photos si besoin pour donner je l.espere un temoignagne positif...Merci d ores et dja inoya pour la recherche pour nos peaux noires !!


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