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Probiotics to sublimate black and brown skins

probiotic cosmetic black skin carePresent in certain food supplements, in your yoghurts or in your intimate cleansing gels, probiotics are now found in day and night creams and in facial cleansing products.

But what are they ? How do they act ? What are their interests ? We tell you everything !

First of all, a little reminder about skin flora :

Our skin has been covered with bacteria, fungi and viruses since we were born. They live in symbiosis with our bodies and each has its own specific environment. It is determined by the Ph, light, temperature, sebum and moisture content of our skin. Due to the specific characteristics of pigmented skins, we assume that black, matt and mixed race skins have a denser skin flora than Caucasian skins.



What is the role of skin flora ?

It is essential for the proper functioning of our skin since its main mission is to protect it from various external aggressions.

It protects us:

- Bacteria, viruses and fungi present in the environment.

Responsible for various pathologies such as acne, atopic dermatitis or psoriasis, our flora will aim to prevent their fixation and penetration into the skin. To do this, it will cover our skin completely (more than 1 million bacteria per cm² of skin) and consume all the nutrients present.

Unfortunately in case of dysbiosis (imbalance of the flora), it is possible that this flora manages to penetrate it. To limit the risk of contamination, our flora will either secrete bactericidal molecules to eliminate them by themselves or activate our immune system to trigger an (indirect) inflammatory reaction.

- Sunlight, pollution, tobacco etc.

In contact with the skin, these various external aggressions create free radicals. They are oxidative molecules that deregulate and destroy certain constituents of our skin. Thus they generate hyperpigmentation spots, for example, or accelerate skin aging. Thanks to its anti-oxidative action, the cutaneous flora limits these harmful effects in order to help the skin to better preserve itself over time.

In addition, it participates in the regeneration of the skin by also nourishing itself with dead cells present on the surface of the skin.


What types of assaults can she deal with ?

There are different types of assault:

Interns, who can't be controlled. There's our genetics, our gender and our age. For example, our flora will be denser during puberty and weaker as we age. It will also be more in men because of their pilosity and their skin type, which is often more oily than in women.

Externals, on which their influences are more or less controllable, such as the sun, pollution or cigarette smoke for example. However, we will be able to act on the choice of our cosmetic care. For example: the use of overly aggressive scrubs, washing products that do not respect the skin pH, creams that are not adapted to the characteristics of our face. All this alters and weakens the skin's flora.


Does the hydroalcoholic gel deteriorate the cutaneous flora ?

hydroalcoholic gel warnings and adviceHydroalcoholic gel, warning and hand care

In this period of crisis where barrier gestures are essential for our safety we remind you that these gels are to be used wisely. They should be applied when hand washing is not possible.

It is true that too frequent use of these gels leads to dry skin on our hands. This is caused by the presence of alcohol, which is why nowadays we very often find glycerine in their compositions for its repairing and softening effect. Moreover, the purpose of these gels is to disinfect our hands, so they do not distinguish between our skin flora and all the surrounding pathogens.

Thus we can affirm that repeated use of these gels over the long term deteriorates the cutaneous flora because it disturbs the specific environment of our bacteria and eliminates them.


How do we take care of our skin flora ?

Start by avoiding anything that could be a breeding ground for bacteria. Wash your brushes regularly, change your bed linen every two weeks for example. It is also essential that you protect your skin from the sun with a suitable sunscreen. Indeed, the sun not only alters your flora, it is also the first cause of the appearance of hyperpigmentation spots and a key factor in the appearance of pimples.

However, to protect your flora, your mission will be to take care of your skin while respecting it. You will therefore have to be more attentive to your choice of cosmetic care. Know that INOYA Laboratory has for each of its products selected active ingredients and preservatives that respect the products, the sensitivity of your skin, its skin flora and your health! Our priority is to offer you a personalized accompaniment in order to offer you the products that correspond to your skin characteristics.


What are probiotics ?

Probiotics are live or inactivated bacteria that are incorporated into a tablet, egg or cosmetic care product to boost the effectiveness of the flora to which they are addressed.

There is also:

Prebiotics are nutrients. Their purpose is to stimulate the growth of micro-organisms present in the flora.

Post-biotics are molecules produced by the flora. They contribute to the good environmental balance of micro-organisms.

Adding these elements to probiotics complements their actions and makes them even more effective, which is why they are most often found in combination with probiotics / post-biotics or probiotics / pre-biotics.


Probiotics : The future of future cosmetic care

It is only recently that many cosmetology laboratories have decided to focus their research on skin flora. Before that, they were all focused on different skin cells or fibers. A new field of research has now opened up: that of the cohabitation of cells and bacteria.

It is therefore necessary to identify the microorganisms present in our flora, understand their implications in the proper functioning of the skin and discern how, via cosmetics, we can positively influence their presence and actions.

The ultimate goal is therefore to respect but also pamper every element that makes up our skin. Hence the addition of probiotics, prebiotics and post-biotics in cosmetic care. They will strengthen the skin flora, boost it and thus participate in the protection and regeneration of the skin.

Thus these new active ingredients are becoming key ingredients in the formulation of tomorrow's cosmetic care products. It is already found in some day or night creams, in skin care products or in face and body cleansers.


How to recognize their presence ?

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