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Dry and rough dark skin: time to exfoliate!

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Exfoliation on Dry and Black Skin Women with dark and olive skin tend to have combination to oily skin on the face but dry skin on the body. The body has less sebum production than the face, and when combined with friction from clothing and hard water, it dries out much more easily. The body's defence mechanism against outside aggression is to produce cells that form a thick outer layer of the epidermis. Skin becomes rough, especially in areas subject to friction (elbows, knees and heels), loses its softness and tone, and shows less absorption of moisturisers.

The solution is to exfoliate. Exfoliation smooths the skin, makes skin smooth, supple and toned, and ready to absorb products. However, for dark and olive skin, a light touch is best: rather than aggressively scrubbing skin to eliminate dead skin, choose ultra-gentle formulas with exfoliating micropearls (in bamboowhich combine a dual exfoliating and moisturising action to limit irritation of dark and olive skin which is often sensitive, such as the CLEAN'OYA® My Gel Cleanser Exfoliating.


1. Apply an exfoliant product on dry or dam skin, or after a hot bath or shower to prepare your skin.

2. Leave the exfoliant to act on skin for several minutes. If you have dark or olive skin, it's best to exfoliate once a week to keep your skin looking healthy and soft. If your skin is irritated, use a lighter touch when exfoliating and, if needed, opt for a gentler product such as a sugar-based exfoliating cream.

3. You can also use a bath mitt such as a sisal bath mitt, often used in Turkish baths to work up a lather with Aleppo soap and provide friction to eliminate dead skin cells, or a plant-based loofah, which clears pores, eliminates dead skin cells, stimulates microcirculation and makes skincare products more effective.


Add two tablespoons of sodium bicarbonate to your bath water (this will counteract the effect of hard water on your skin) and apply a moisturising cream on your body after your bath or shower.

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