Nathalie Migan, Co-Founder & Secretary General of the Ewa Ethnik Association

Nathalie Migan

Can you introduce the Ewa Ethnik association to our " OYA "?

The Ewa Ethnik association (ethnic beauty in Yoruba language) is a non-profit association that aims to inform, raise awareness and alert about artificial depigmentation (AD) of the skin and its dermatological and systemic (general) consequences.

Why did you decide to start the fight against depigmentation?

First, the consequences of AD are unfortunately little known to those who practice it. We have noticed that most people who depigment themselves are not sensitive to moralizing speeches such as " be proud to be black ", " fair skin is not synonymous with beauty " or " depigmenting reflects a lack of self-confidence ". On the other hand, when we talk to them about the consequences not only aesthetic but also systemic, these people begin to question the merits of this practice that endangers their lives !

Secondly, during our research and contacts with people specialized in AD, we realized that a significant proportion of people who practice it do so in order to even out their complexion following the appearance of unsightly hyperpigmented spots (following acne for example) or in order to "give radiance" to their complexion that they find dull. These people use "default" depigmenting products because they don't know which products to use to fix their skin problems. These 2 reasons have reinforced our desire to focus our actions on raising awareness of the many consequences caused by AD, to refer people practicing AD to specialized health professionals and to advise solutions that are safe for health.

What are the concrete consequences of artificial depigmentation?

AD is responsible for both dermatological and systemic (general) consequences. Many cases of skin infections (scabies, mycosis ...) have been identified because the skin is damaged and no longer has the necessary defenses to fight against infectious agents, serious healing problems (which following a caesarean section can lead to death), severe acne, hyperperspiration (these people often have a strong odor), hyperpilosity (abnormal development of facial hair), etc... As for systemic complications, these are problems of hypertension, diabetes, renal and obstetric complications (newborn poisoning), infertility, depression, cancers, etc.

What advice could you give to women who use or would like to use depigmenting products?

We insist on the fact that it is possible to stop depigmenting and regain your natural skin! This can be a more or less long process, which preferably requires the accompaniment by a dermatologist, and which above all makes it possible to no longer put one's life in danger by using depigmenting products.

In addition, a few years ago we could still give the excuse : " there are no products suitable for black and mixed skin". Today, many healthy and effective cosmetic products exist to even out the complexion and give it radiance. Just do a simple search on the internet to find these products.

Why was it important for you to have support like that of the IN'OYA Laboratory in this action?

The IN'OYA Laboratory responds to the main problems encountered by most black, mixed and masted skin: unifying and mattifying the complexion. Our common goal is to offer healthy, effective and authorised products. It therefore seems obvious to us to unite to better inform, raise awareness and alert on the dangers of AD. The Ewa Ethnik association thanks the IN'OYA laboratory for their support from the beginning in the implementation of all our awareness-raising actions as close as possible to the populations !

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