Interview with Kadia Dabo, founder of save Africa

Can you introduce us and tell us about the SAVE AFRICA association you founded?

The SAVE AFRICA association was created on July 10, 2021.

It aims to participate in various prevention and awareness actions in the field of health but also cleanliness and hygiene. It works for the empowerment of vulnerable populations. We intervene in the field of the fight against poverty, for agroecology and for education. We highlight training for women, the elderly and children.

Originally, what was your trigger ?logo association save africa

During my first vacation in Senegal, I discovered the daily life of families in these landlocked areas. With a precarious education and health system.  

One event particularly marked me: one of my aunts was transported by cart to give birth 15 km from the village with all the risks that this entails.

All these situations pushed me to think, I had to act and contribute to the building.

This is how SAVE AFRICA was born.

What relationship do you have with Africa ?

My parents are from Senegal, a large part of my family is there.

As for me, I was born and raised in France. This family bond allows me to have a double culture that I put to good use by keeping the best on both sides in order to transmit this wealth.

Why is this important to you?

Given the extreme precariousness that remains there permanently, this was one of the reasons for me to bring something. SAVE AFRICA allows us to participate in the local dynamism.


What would be, for you, the outcome of this project ?

Facilitate access to drinking water for all, build hospitals and schools, etc. In general : improving daily living conditions.

Expand our actions in other parts of Africa thanks to our local partners.


How can each of us help ? Are you looking for volunteers ?

Let's pool our strengths and thoughts! Any help will be welcome in order to achieve our goals. For any further information, you can contact us:

Email : saveafrica76@gmail.com

Instagram : @kdia_daboProjet lutte précarité menstruelle

Facebook : Solidarity actions values environment SAVE AFRICA


The IN'OYA laboratory had the pleasure of participating in March 2021, in the campaign to fight against menstrual precariousness and for the empowerment of women, with the creation of 1000 washable sanitary napkins.

We wish a long life and a beautiful journey to the save Africa association!