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Getting rid of face shine and oily skin

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Tips to get rid of Face Shine on Black Skin

Most women with dark skin have combination to oily skin on their faces. Why is this, and how can you prevent it ?

The figures speak for themselves: several studies show that more than 65% of women with pigmented skin have combination to oily skin on their face. Dark and olive skin tends to produce more sebum because in temperate climates such as in Europe, skin must fight against dehydration. As a result, skin produces more sebum. This excess sebum production on the skin's surface creates shine on the face. Dark and olive skin have trouble adjusting to stress, pollution, hard water and especially to a lack of sunlight, extreme humidity and too much wind. Excessive sebum production is a way for skin to protect itself from outside aggression. Excess sebum may also be accompanied by acne and leave dark spots due to hyperpigmentation.


  1. Use soap-free cleansing products that are gentle on skin, cleansing it without stripping it, morning and night. The more the skin is damaged, the more sebum it will tend to produce to protect itself. CLEAN'OYA® My Foam Purifying Cleansing will deeply cleanse your skin and regulate excess sebum. Its soap-free formula is gentle on skin, leaving it smooth and mattified.
  2. Avoid using lotions that are astringent or with too much alcohol because they are harsh on skin and can provoke excess sebum production.
  3. Choose a good seboregulator product to regulate sebum production and prevent shiny skin. Opt for MEL’OYA® My Corrector Unifying Matifying : it regulates sebum production, shrinks pores and mattifies skin perfectly. Instant results !


Eating fatty foods can also be a major cause of excessive sebum production. Reduce fatty foods from your diet, eat more fruits and vegetables and drink a lot of water to keep your dark or olive skin beautiful and well hydrated !

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