Getting rid of face shine and oily skin

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We find that a majority of black and matte women have combination to oily skin on the face, this may be your case. So how can this phenomenon be explained, and above all, how can it be avoided?

The numbers speak for themselves: according to several ethnic studies, more than 65% of black and matte women have combination to oily skin on their face. You should know that black and matte skin tend to make more sebum, because in temperate climates such as Europe, they have to fight against dehydration. They therefore synthesize sebum in greater quantities. This significant amount of sebum on the surface of the skin gives a shiny appearance on the face. Black and matte skin acclimatize poorly to stress, pollution, limescale in the water but especially to the lack of sunlight, humidity and wind. The excessive production of sebum is therefore a way for the skin to protect itself from external aggressions. This excess sebum can be alone, but it is very often accompanied by acne for example, and leave spots of hyperpigmentation.


  1. Use soap-free cleansing products (or dermatological bars), which will respect the skin by cleansing it without stripping it, morning and evening. The more the skin is attacked, the more it will tend to produce sebum in order to protect itself. My Clean'OYA® Purifying Cleansing Foam will allow you to cleanse the skin deeply while regulating excess sebum. Its soap-free composition will not attack the skin and leave it smoothed and mattified.
  2. Avoid lotions that are too alcoholic or astringent because they will also tend to attack the skin and cause excess sebum.
  3. Choose a sebo-regulating treatment to regulate the level of sebum and avoid the shine of the skin. Opt for My MEL'OYA® Mattifying Unifying Care: it is sebo-regulating, tightens the pores and perfectly matifies the skin. Instant result!


A diet that is too fatty can also be a major cause of excess sebum. Remember to avoid too fatty food, eat more fruits, vegetables and drink plenty of water to keep black and matte skin beautiful and well hydrated !