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Is the night cream essential to have a beautiful skin ?

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night care and restorative sleepNight cream may not be part of your beauty routine (yet). However, the evening is the ideal time to take care of your skin and improve its radiance. In fact, cellular activity at night is three times more intense. Your skin cells repair and regenerate naturally. But black skin takes much longer than Caucasian skin to recover. A targeted night treatment is therefore essential for a luminous complexion and smoother skin day after day.

Whatever your age or skin type, the results of this new routine will surprise you! Discover now how to boost the natural restoration of your skin.



Our skin follows a rhythm orchestrated by chronobiology. Like our entire body, the epidermis goes through different phases during the 24 hours. Taking into account the specificity of these periods optimizes the effects of the applied treatments.

This automatic renewal program is mainly active at night. It is sequenced and complete:

  • Elimination of dead cells (desquamation),
  • Cellular differentiation,
  • Restoration of the skin's barrier function,
  • Acceleration of the blood microcirculation,
  • Reorganization

The epidermis is reconstituted by producing collagen and elastin. These essential proteins are at the origin of a radiant complexion. Their production is at its peak between 2 am and 4 am.

But this regeneration process is slower for black skin. It is therefore essential to support this nightly reconstruction stage with specific active ingredients.

When you sleep, your skin cells are less stressed than during the day. Your epidermis no longer has to fight against pollution, sun, wind and dust. In full restructuring, they are more receptive to care intended to reinforce this restorative activity.

The role of the day cream is precisely to protect the skin against external aggressions. It is therefore just as important to continue this daily routine. Neglecting to use this protective care exposes you to real skin damage.

At night, opt for a specific formulation : moisturizing, plumping and repairing. By providing targeted active ingredients, you help to consolidate the natural defenses of your skin. The objective is to strengthen them in order to prepare them to fight these elements as well as possible. Regenerated and revitalized, your skin will also be able to absorb the benefits of your day care product.



Night cream is often, wrongly, associated with the needs of mature skin. However, it has a large number of little-known powers intended for everyone, regardless of age. 

Evening beauty ritual for black skin

First of all, by consolidating your skin barrier, this treatment will help you fight against external aggressions. Responsible for the deterioration of the epidermis, free radicals accelerate aging. To reduce the action of these substances, a formula based on hyaluronic acid is essential.  By applying it regularly every evening, you increase your beauty capital for a long time.

This specific product significantly slows down the appearance of the signs of aging. It allows you to keep your skin radiant and smooth, while preserving its elasticity.  By applying it regularly, you prevent the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. Preserving the density and firmness of your skin tissue is the result of a simple but constant ritual.

For sensitized skin, this nightly companion is effective. It soothes and reduces inflammation caused by external aggressions. Its repairing power will reduce redness and imperfections.

Finally, by gently massaging your face, you give yourself a real moment of relaxation! Between work and family obligations, it sometimes becomes complicated to take time for yourself.

Don't wait until you're tired and marked to start giving yourself this personal gift. Your inner well-being contributes to your outer beauty.



During the day, the skin accumulates impurities and toxins. In the late afternoon, this generally results in a blurred complexion. One observes an irregular grain and zones of brilliance even very fatty.

At night, the body naturally eliminates this waste by increasing blood circulation. The oxygenation of skin cells will be promoted or slowed down by certain factors. A good hydration, a rather light diet at dinner facilitates the evacuation of these harmful substances. This detoxifying phase contributes to a better absorption of the targeted components.

How to apply night care for black skin

To allow an optimal action, it is essential to clean your skin with an adapted solution. Cleared of dust, make-up residue or pollutants, your skin is ready. Apply your specific serum (anti-spot, anti-blemish) before your night cream. The penetration capacity of the active ingredients is ideal.

To take advantage of the benefits of your beauty moment, if possible, avoid screens at least 1.5 hours before going to bed. Their blue light influences your biological clock: it prevents the secretion of melatonin. But this substance really helps you fall asleep. Thus, their use delays your possibility of having a restful sleep.

Instead, create a relaxing atmosphere: subdued lighting, lavender or ylang-ylang essential oil, relaxing music. Choose a night cream with a comfortable texture and a pleasant scent.

That's why we created the Regenerating and Repairing Elixir for you. It is an innovation: this night care is rich but not greasy. Light, fluid and melting, it penetrates deeply to act continuously on the night cellular renewal. Its unique formulation meets your need for freshness and softness. It provides maximum hydration and an anti-aging action: it is perfectly adapted to black and brown (matte) skins.

We know how fundamental the sensory aspect is. This milky, delicately scented care is ideal for self-massaging. You can even use a prop to optimize the effects like a jade stone roller.

The gesture accelerates blood circulation and provides lymphatic drainage. Collagen production is boosted: this natural protein ensures cohesion, elasticity and regeneration. Its presence preserves the firmness of skin tissues and prevents the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

We encourage you to indulge in this beneficial ritual every night. Recommended by dermatologists, it helps your skin to renew itself more quickly.

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