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MONGE Group: Simon Louvel, Director of Client Markets for Africa, Latin America and the Middle East

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The guest of the month of September 2018 is Simon Louvel, Director of the client of the markets of Africa, Latin America and the Middle East of the Monge Group.

This month we went to meet Simon Louvel to learn more about the Monge group, its objectives and projects for Africa, Latin America and the Middle East


To introduce yourself in a few words?

Hello, I'm Simon Louvel. I work in Groupe en Monge as a Customer Director for the markets of Africa, Latin America and the Middle East.

Groupe Monge is a group of adjoining pharmacies / parapharmacies. We develop a number of offers and services that can not benefit from pharmacies. Promotion abroad and advice in welcoming international tourist customers are one of our specialties. Our simple goal is that French members offer brands and needs products to match their clients at attractive prices while providing a June service and consulting.

Key figures?

The Monge Group was further defined in December 2016, as an observer of the Monge Notre Dame sales success pharmacy of highly-frequented South East clients attended AND Korean Koreans. year each, Tens of Thousands of guests if CE Asians in the square make shopping in Paris in the 5th district.

Today, the Monge Sign 4 Officines Portent: 2 in Paris, Monge Monge Our Lady Trade Eiffel and near the Eiffel Tower; and 2 in the south of France in Aix en Provence and Cannes.

How can an ethnic dermo-cosmetic brand be positioned in relation to the overall supply of pharmacies?

One of our orientations to our Eastern Commercial French member proposers Marqués "differentiating" niches of "OU", major complementary brands of the known public. This variety to the diversity of needs is answered by the world's customers here come in full, involving their different issues and their skin habits. It is therefore imperative that the agents about them suitable products. The profession of pharmacist is and will remain the adapted health advice.

Why did you choose to trust IN'OYA products?

IN'OYA products sold in 2 pharmacies in the month of June 2018. The members turn out to be our French for several months of WELCOMING, more and more customers of Venus from the African continent of the Middle East of Brazil OR. Many of the customers were so far Marked and very well-known classics, if they were going to match other products and dedicated to different as IN'OYA those. The interest was also to offer in one place all of these brands.

IN'OYA We Appeared Is As The Ideal Brand To Respond To This Response To Cars Following Demand Criteria: Product Quality & Reliability, Brand Expertise, Image and Corporate Notoriety. We are pleased to Proudly and Powerfully promote the products of the brand to our IN'OYA French members and put forward the best of the French and international customers.

Pharmacie MONGE IN'OYA

What are the projects of the Monge Group? As part of the mission of Africa Your, Latin America and the Middle East?

Our aim is to position the Monge brand as a French reference for international health and beauty today. Most VOYAGEURS Venus from their SCÉ passage areas benefit in Paris to buy drugs, dermo-cosmetics PROduits or Encore dietary supplements, as well as a wide range of price benefits that are more than attractive to them.

However, office desks people are buying TODAY products in unhealthy places / specialized salons, and most importantly, here is their not always allow BENEFICIARY and expert advice services adapted (multilingual staff, tax refund in immediate cash, etc.). . Our goal is simply to enable our members to become the world's foremost providers of real health and wellness research.

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