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John, IN’OYA Ambassador and Beauty Idealist influencer

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john influencer black beauty lhistoiredunjohnJohn, IN'OYA Ambassador and blogger known by the Instagram name @lhistoiredunjohn.

What are the 5 things you must know about yourself?

  1.  My name is Johnny, I am 30 years old. I consider myself a "beauty idealist". It's a subtle mix between a cosmetic addict and someone who conveys messages about global wellness. "Appreciating the simple things in life, taking care and capitalizing on oneself are my driving forces.
  2.   Originally from the West Indies, I am a Parisian at heart. Give me a sailor suit and a beret and I'll sing Piaf in front of the Eiffel Tower morning, noon and night.
  3.   I'm lucky enough to make a living from my two passions, digital and training. I am a learning/training project manager. At night and some weekends, I put on my slasher hat and create web content, storytelling for brands and E-commerce sites.
  4. Ah my passions ! I'm passionate about organic chemistry, I like to understand things, I'm an absolute fan of formulation, I fell into the cosmetics pot at a very young age and I've never left it. Beyond saying that something works, I like to go to the end of things, why? Which active ingredient or synergy, and why this action on the skin
  5. My values ? That would be proactivity, compassion, to be proud of my accomplishments and especially the acceptance of my flaws.

On your Instagram account, you share with us your daily life, your daily feelings, your skincare and haircare (hair) tips.

How was "l'histoire d'un John" born?

Today, @lhistoiredunJohn is much more than a page focused on skincare and haircare!

It's my diary where I tell my daily life: What's it like to be 30 years old when you don't want to be! Between the taxes, your friends who only talk about real estate, the insinuations about the fact that your younger cousin is already a father, and so on!

I also talk about the male burden linked to the stereotypes of the "real man", you're small with your 1m70, you're a shrimp, you'll never be virile, you've put on weight, a strong man is muscular, not fat. Men are also victims of loneliness, depression, eating disorders and nobody talks about it so I decided to do it.

But at the beginning and it still remains my reason to be, my will is to express myself freely on my passion "cosmetics". When I was a student, I couldn't afford to have complete, diverse and varied routines to treat my acne or take care of my hair. So I started to analyze the science of cosmetics and skin to regulate myself. Today I take great pleasure in sharing my knowledge and advising others.

The story of a John is just the story of a lost guy with a different and passionate outlook.

In this post, you express yourself on a daily pressure that men undergo. You say that you receive "derogatory remarks because you try to take care of yourself".cosmetics for black man

What do you think about the relationship between men and cosmetics ?

It's a fight, it's a daily fight, we have to deconstruct fixed ideas, change mentalities and prove that it's necessary! Many men would like to do more with skincare, but remain discreet or don't dare because it would be a sign of coquetry.

A thing reserved for women or assimilated to a lack of masculinity.

So we take an all-in-one cream or one that is not adapted to the physiological pH of the face to have this gesture of softness and comfort without being noticed.

Gentlemen, taking care of your skin and your body is not optional, but it is complementary to beautiful contours, a stylish cut or a "square" jaw.

Men's cosmetics are very often defined by minimalist skincare with 2 or 3-in-1 actions.

Do you think men don't want to have a complete routine?

I don't really know where I stand on that. I like a minimalist approach to skincare as much as a layering routine.

My daily advice to men who want to start with cosmetics is to have the basics!

  • A good cleansing gel
  • A moisturizing serum or a moisturizing cream
  • A very good sun protection.

With this base, you build a habit, then, if you wish, you can add one or two more products

black skin acne spots routineYou have mixed-race skin with a tendency to acne.

What is your beauty routine for men to sublimate your skin and treat your blemishes?

The basics for me are: cleanse, treat and protect

  1. I cleanse my face morning and night with a gentle cleanser adapted to the physiology of the skin (pH 4.5 - 5.5). I use My Purifying Cleansing Foam very often. Once or twice a week, I gently exfoliate with My Exfoliating Cleansing Gel thanks to the salicylic acid it contains.
  2. To treat my acne and the blemishes it creates, in the evening I apply My Targeted Corrector "Local Imperfection" and My Serum "Anti-Blemish".
  3. I protect my skin from the sun with My Sun Care Fluid.

    The most important thing to know: Acne-prone skin is often also dehydrated so I use My Regenerating and Repairing Elixir to moisturize and maintain my skin's hydration but also to plump it. It's my night care!

What do you like about IN'OYA products?

I fell into the IN'OYA pot in 2018 and my life has never been the same.

My first product was My "Anti-Spot" Serum and this one still accompanies me in all my nighttime routines today.

IN'OYA is a sign of efficiency, sensorial textures, and patented technologies from African pharmacopoeia. Products that respect all skin tones, but that target our priorities. Pigmentation spots and acne for me.

Despite our different skin tones, my mother, father and I can all benefit from IN'OYA. (We squize my sister, you already know the story of the older sister we found in the trash).

We noticed that you have a 2-3 days afro beard. 

How do you maintain it on a daily basis?

It's very complicated to have an afro and a beard. I would have liked to have a much fuller or longer beard, but the world is not ready yet. In everyday life or professionally, you have to accept that there are still limits that you can't cross. So, in everyday life, I often wear a small goatee or a 3-day beard.

For the beard, less is more!

In the evening, I often tend when I apply My Regenerating and Repairing Elixir to insist on the areas where I have beard in order to make it penetrate my skin hidden by my hair.

I then apply an oil or a mixture of vegetable oils. I vary according to my desires between :

  • Apricot oil against stains and makes the beard shine
  • Olive and castor oil to strengthen and shine the beard
  • Baobab oil for a supple hair

You also have a beautiful hair.beard afro hair

Have you always assumed your afro hair ?

I discovered I had curls when I was 18. It was a real revelation for me! When I lived with my parents, it was forbidden to have hair "because yes, it's for girls". So I lived most of my childhood with my hair down. When I decided to let my hair grow, I discovered my afro and I did the 400 knocks! I colored my hair once a week, and went from blond to brown to plum purple...

It took me a while to come to terms with my hair. Before, I was quite shy and introverted but having an afro forced me out of my comfort zone and helped me build a strong and confident personality because I had a lot of "quite inappropriate phrases", insinuations...

I have to say that in the years 2011/2012, a man with an afro, it was not so common as today if it was not to make braids. So I was a bit of an UFO in an environment reserved for girls who were loudly proclaiming the Nappy movement.

What do you use on a daily basis to take care of your curls?

To take care of my curls on a daily basis, there is no secret!

Protect them before sleeping with satin. For me it's a pineapple elastic band and a satin pillowcase (my nights are manly).

During the day, I use a spray just to have a trickle of water to give my curls some pep and then I apply a hair milk to structure everything.

And sometimes a balm to define them or a gel to fix them. I vary according to my desires.

black skin man skincare adviceWhat would be your best advice to share with our OGUNs?

Stay consistent! A treatment, whether it is capillary or topical, requires regularity and time.

Don't forget that a pigment stain can take up to 3 cell renewals with the help of effective care to fade. So instead of waiting for the miracle product, let's capitalize on ourselves in the long term.

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