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The jade roller, your new beauty accessory

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 roller jade black skin 

Does your skin lack radiance? Does it feel tired and slack?  Does it feel rougher to the touch? Then the jade roller should become your new magic wand.

Known for thousands of years and very trendy these last years, the jade stone roll-on is now the essential beauty accessory to get a complete skincare routine.

In just a few minutes, you will regain your youth! Your skin will be plumped, smoothed, toned and radiant.

Do you still doubt its effectiveness? Let us convince you of the benefits of the jade roller.

What is a jade roller ?

The jade roller is a massage roller with a handle and oval jade stones of different sizes at each end:

  • A first one: larger to massage the larger areas (forehead, cheeks, neck...)
  • A second: smaller, for more delicate areas such as the eye contour and the lips.

Originating from traditional Chinese medicine, the jade roll-on is an ancestral accessory used by Asian women for its virtues on the skin. Indeed, in lithotherapy (the study of stones), the jade stone is known for its regenerating and soothing benefits.  Associated with the action of a draining self-massage on the whole face, their complementary benefits are multiplied by ten. The jade roller becomes the secret to obtain an eternal youth.

Why use a black jade roller ?

There are different types of jade stones: green jade, black jade, quartz (pink), amethyst (purple), etc. We have selected for My REPAIR'OYA Jade Roller: black jade, otherwise known as magnetic jade, for its numerous benefits on the skin:

  • A restored skin
  • The black jade stone is known to be the repairing stone:
  • It boosts cell renewal
  • It improves blood circulation
  • It promotes lymphatic drainage
  • It reduces skin inflammation

The jade stone roller provides a regenerating and repairing effect for the skin. It is thus clearer and smoother.

  • A decongested skin
  • The black jade stone brings a natural "ice effect" when used. Moreover, cold also has many benefits on the skin:
  • Veinotonic: it stimulates blood circulation which favors the drainage of the skin
  • It firms and tones the skin by improving its tone and elasticity
  • It tightens dilated pores and limits excess sebum

The use of a jade stone massage roller will therefore have an immediate decongesting effect on the dark circles and bags around the eyes. Moreover, the skin of the face will be firmer and more tonic.

  • Soothed skin
  • The realization of a facial self-massage with a jade roll-on provides an additional well-being to the skin. It guarantees a relaxing and soothing effect because :
  • It reduces the muscular tensions of the face
  • It activates the blood and lymphatic circulation

The skin is then de-stressed, relaxed and soothed.

 jade roller massage

How to use its roller-jade ?

How often should I use my jade roll-on ?

To benefit from all its benefits on the skin, we advise you to use your jade roller ideally, twice a day, during 5 to 10 mn.

  • The morning: It allows to stimulate the skin and to activate its natural protective barriers. It will be thus ready to fight against the external aggressions throughout the day.
  • In the evening: It helps your skin to repair and regenerate itself.

We recommend that you choose to use it in the evening. Indeed, it is at night that the skin is most active, which is why we always recommend the Anti-Spot, Anti-Blemish and/or Anti-Dark Circle routines, preferably in the evening.

In addition, using your treatment or night care products in conjunction with the Jade roller will increase the penetration of the active ingredients into the skin. It boosts the effectiveness of your care.  

However, a jade roller can be used endlessly, without any particular contraindication. You can thus carry out your draining self-massage as many times as you wish! In particular, during your Sunday cocooning routine.

How to include your roller-jade in your skincare routine?

A use in 3 steps :

Whether you have skin problems or not, the roller-jade should become your beauty essential! However, to further maximize its benefits, we recommend that you follow these 3 key steps: 

Step 1: Cleanse and purify your skin before using your roller jade

Before anything else, it is essential to start any beauty routine by properly cleansing your skin. It is important to purify it by eliminating all the impurities or greasy substances accumulated during the day. It will then be healthy and ready to receive and absorb all the care that you are going to give it. 

 night cream and roller jade

Step 2: We use a jade roller with a regenerating and repairing serum

The application of a care or serum before using a jade roll-on is essential to promote its use and maximize its effectiveness. The jade roll-on will glide more easily over the skin of your face and the relaxing effect will be felt more.

In addition to My Jade Roller REPAIR'OYA, we recommend that you use My Regenerating Repairing Elixir for its similar benefits. It guarantees even before starting your self-massage with the jade stone: a radiant, plumped, soothed and repaired skin. 

Step 3: The right gestures during your draining & soothing self-massage with jade stone

That's it! The skin of your face is finally ready for its massage with the jade stone.

To have the right gesture, always make movements going from the center of the face to the outside.

tuto roller jade


  • Start with the large roller of your jade roller by the forehead then from the cheeks to the temples, by the jaw and finish by the neck from bottom to top.
  • Finish with the more delicate areas with the small roller on your eye contour and around the lips.

Here's one last tip: Put your jade roller in the refrigerator for 10-15 minutes before use for a long-lasting fresh massage!

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