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Carole: Hormonal pimples and brown spots scarring

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hormonal pimples and brown scarring before/after dark skin

Carole : 

« I started my IN'OYA routine last April. Since stopping my oral contraceptive, my acne has returned aggressively. I searched and tested for a long time for products that could stop the process without success. Until IN'OYA. I won't call it an immediate miracle, as I had to be patient, but I did notice progress quite quickly. I started with the "My OYA Anti-Spots/Pimples Pack " pack with the Correcting Serum, the Gel Cleansing Exfoliating and the Targeted Corrector, to which I added the Foam Purifying Cleansing. Following IN'OYA's advice, I then added the Skincare Anti-Imperfections, which was amazing. Today, I don't have any big pimples.

I still have the spots and the last scars, I continue my routine : Foam Purifying Cleansing and my Skincare Anti-Imperfections in the morning and evening, the Anti-Spot Serum and the Targeted Corrector in the evening, and I also use the Gel Cleansing Exfoliating in the evening 3 times a week with a period of 7 consecutive days from time to time.

I also take a daily probiotic supplement.

Patience has paid off and I have finally found the ideal skin care brand for my skin. The IN'OYA support is a real plus!

Thank you IN'OYA! »

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