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Black dry skin : How to apply make-up ?

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Make-up on dry dark sking

Makeup dry skin is not the most obvious thing to do. Between tugging, dryness and crumbling foundation, it is important to adopt certain steps for successful makeup on dry skin and dehydration.

Here are 3 essential steps that will allow you to keep a long-lasting comfort of your beauty.

Focus on a moisturizing and nourishing foundation base

When we got a dry skin, the first beauty gesture before making your make up as to be the moisturization. Firstly, it will help you to avoid dryness and will improve makeup hold. Secondly, it will smooth your skin and tighten your pores. So dear Oya, do not forget to use your MEL’OYA Corrector unifying moisturizing as a foundation base. When you apply your makeup it will be easier and it will hold your skin longer.

The cream texture and the foundation are your best friends

The powder and compact foundation are not suitable for dry skins. They absorb the sebum and the water of your skin. As a result, your skin peel and dull. Banish them as soon as possible and turn instead to foundations with a cream texture enriched with vitamin E and floral water. Similarly for your blush, the cream texture is a must. Your makeup will be more comfortable and your complexion brighter. A golden hilighter is recommended on points of light of the face: cheekbones, nose, chin and under the eyebrows. This gesture will bring you light and radiance to the complexion.

Fix your makeup with a moisturizing fixing mist

Rather than using the traditional powder that goes very well for a make-up on oily skin, we recommend you to fix your makeup with a fixing mist with moisturizing properties. Less drying, a simple pshit and your skin has the last layer of moisture necessary for its good balance.

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