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Fight against ingrown hairs of the face and body on black and matte skin

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ingrownt hairs on dark skin

In the summer your skin is put to the test. Between successive shaving and exposure to the sun, you now suffer the terrible consequences. Multiple pimples containing hair now sprinkle your skin. You can not wait to get rid of it. Between you and ingrown hairs, war is declared!

Dear OYA, to win this battle be well armed. Here is the routine to follow to avoid them. The ingrown hairs will be only a bad memory for you.

What is an ingrown hair?

Before eradicating his enemy, one must learn to know him. The ingrown hairs, are simply hairs that grow under the skin. They appear in particular because of the thickening of the stratum corneum. Several causes: Prolonged exposure to the sun, poor hair removal technique and poor renewal of cutaneous cells due to lack of exfoliation and / or hydration are the source of ingrown hairs. They are found regularly under the armpits, on the legs, on the shirt or on the face especially for men.

Limit their appearance in 5 steps:

Exfoliate your skin regularly

As mentioned above thick skin is a breeding ground for ingrown hairs. Thinning and eliminating dead skin by exfoliation is a crucial step in overcoming them. Your CLEAN'OYA® EXTRA My Gel « Cleansing Exfoliating » will then be precious! Two days before your session of hair removal, massage your skin by making circular movements this care. Not only will it deeply cleanse your skin but it will also exfoliate it to leave the way for the regrowth of hair.

Shave in the direction of the hair

If you want to limit the appearance of ingrown hairs the choice of the shaving technique is important. The wax certainly more painful is a technique to be preferred when one is subject to ingrown hairs. But not everyone has the same tolerance for pain. In this case for a less irritating razor shaving, we recommend shaving in the direction of the hair. Especially for men this will reduce the risk of appearance of shaving buttons and ingrown hairs.

Soothe and control the irritation

All waxing is a moment of aggression for your skin. For this reason, care must be taken to soothe and moisturize after a shave. For this, your MEL'OYA® & H2’OYA® My Corrector « Unifying Moisturising » will have the role of controlling the irritation and soothe by bringing the necessary water to your skin.

Prevent inflammations and eliminate them

The day after a session of hair removal, in preventive action apply on your skin a hazelnut of the ACN’OYA® My Targeted Corrector « Local Imperfections ». Its healing power and its antibacterial power can neutralize the bacteria at the source and reduce inflammation. The shaving buttons will therefore have no chance to point the tip of their nose.

Treat residual marks

Finally, if unfortunately, you had already lost the war and these ingrown hairs have left brown spots on your skin know that it is not too late. Get ready now your MEL'OYA® My Correcting Serum. Apply as soon as the spots appear for several evenings, they will disappear in record time.

So ready to lead this war? Find the essentials to fight these ingrown hairs in our new pack "My OYA Anti-Spots/Pimples" Pack in promotion.

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