Daily Winter Skincare for Dark and Olive Skin

Daily Winter Skincare for Dark and Olive Skin

Does your dark or olive skin seem to go crazy in temperate climates, and even more so in winter ?

To maintain its natural moisture levels, dark and olive skin tends to slow its desquamation process (elimination of dead skin cells). You may have noticed that the outer layer of skin becomes denser, dull and even rough. With a denser outer layer and lack of ceramides (which act as "cement" for skin), your skin is more sensitive to cold, heat and hard water.


It is important to care for your dark or olive skin with a gentle exfoliant, with soft ingredients (kaolinite, white clay) or non-irritating biological enzymes such as CLEAN'OYA®  My Gel Cleanser Exfoliating, and to not subject your skin to peels or harsh exfoliating techniques that can damage skin. After exfoliation, it is also essential to use a hydrating product with plant-based ceramides to help retain moisture.

For the face, if you have dry skin, the MEL’OYA® My Corrector Unifyung Moisturising will be your best ally. For combination to oily skin, opt for the MEL'OYA®  My Corrector Unifying Mattifying, which will help to balance skin moisture and regulate excess sebum in oily areas.


To calm your dark or olive skin, you can add a half cup of wheat starch or two tablespoons of sodium bicarbonate to your bath water to counteract the effect of hard water and prevent skin from drying out.