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Tips for beautiful eyebrows

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beautiful eyebrow techniques

To illuminate the eyes, the care of the eyebrows is an essential step. Their role is very important for the beauty of the face. Balancing your eyebrows naturally improves their shape. But between plucking and restructuring techniques, it's not always easy to know how to go about it.

Are your eyebrows too sparse? Or on the contrary, bushy? An ill-defined line, an unsuitable shape? Don't panic, IN'OYA has the solutions you need to reconstruct and beautify the appearance of your eyebrows. 



The eyebrows regularly proportion the features of our face and more specifically frame our eyes. Moreover, they participate in the right expression of emotions. If the arch of the eyebrows seems too pronounced, your expression will be considered artificial. You may look exaggerated and falsely surprised all the time. Therefore, do not neglect this part of your appearance. 

There are simple tricks to restore a natural harmony to your face shape and brighten the eye area: 

  • You have a rather round face? Choose short eyebrows with a high point, like a circumflex accent. This line will lengthen it vertically.
  • On the contrary, your face is rather square? Soften the angles, round off the arch, stretch the line.

A reconstruction of the eyebrow line can therefore refine the physiognomy. In some cases, it can even correct certain imbalances and asymmetries by a subtle optical effect on the facial features.

eyebrow design method


In this logic, women are not the only ones concerned by this beauty trick. However, men are inevitably even more demanding when it comes to the imperceptible aspect of the design. A classic technique is equally suitable for both, when it comes to redefining the curve of the eyebrows. It is the "2/3 - 1/3" rule. 

The drawing of the eyebrow is separated into 3 parts, using a pencil or a brush to create reliable markings: 

  • The head: the pencil is held vertically against the wing of the nose, towards the inner corner of the eye.
  • The high point: the accessory is positioned on the outer corner of the nose, diagonally towards the center of the brow bone.
  • The tail: the pencil marker again starts at the wing of the nose. Now point it towards the tail of the eyebrow at the outer corner of the eye. The line should not extend beyond that.

In practical terms, the first two thirds of the eyebrow are defined by the head and the high point. They rise slightly, while the last third descends towards the temples. The tip is always higher than the head.

NB: For a natural look, it is recommended to preserve the straight aspect of the line of the first 2 thirds, without ever narrowing it. Only the final part is a little thinned. 



Refining and restructuring the eyebrows generally involves a hair removal technique. The main difficulty when plucking is not to break the hair and to remove the entire hair. It is imperative to remove the root. If it breaks, the inner part grows back in a curved fashion under the epidermis. Ingrown hairs are a frequent phenomenon for black, dark or mixed skin. The eyebrows are thus concerned by this inconvenience.

The infection results in a pimple. It can cause a scar and eventually a black spot. That's why it's important to choose a hair removal solution for eyebrows that is adapted to the problems of ingrown hairs. If you're worried about not being able to remove the entire hair, seek professional help for this sensitive area. 

To prepare this skin area for hair removal, it is also advisable to perform an eyebrow scrub. Done at regular intervals, it also prevents ingrown hairs from appearing on black to dark skin. It also minimizes the risk of ingrown hairs while activating regrowth. 

To get rid of dead skin cells, you can create your peel with olive oil and sugar. A soft facial scrub will also work. Applying a drop of castor oil as a final massage will boost hair growth. 

eyebrow hair removal

By removing the hairs that protrude from your ideal brow line, you can enhance your eyes in an instant. Here are the techniques we recommend to naturally open up your eyes: 

  • Tweezers
    Tweezers are used to create precise lines. Although it may seem easy, using them actually requires real dexterity. Only the most skilled people use them to draw their eyebrows at home. Moreover, it is suitable for a line that is naturally already well defined. 

  • Depilatory wax
    The most sensitive might want to avoid this method. However, the wax convinces the most reluctant by its effectiveness and its speed of execution. This approach is precise and promises an average of three weeks of peace of mind. It is best performed in an institute, as the management of hot wax strips is not within the reach of everyone. 

  • Threading
    This hair removal technique is not an innovation. An ancestral oriental method, it is finding more and more followers. Offered in specialized institutes, it consists of isolating the hairs between two twisted wires until they are completely removed. This painless method removes the entire hair bulb, with no risk of breakage. As a result, regrowth is more precise. The formation of ingrown hairs is considerably reduced. 

  • The laser
    Generally reserved for very full eyebrows, laser hair removal allows for the lasting elimination of a single eyebrow, which can be a real problem. The area between the eyebrows is shaved before permanent hair removal. This solution promises a satisfactory result after an average of 6 sessions.

  • Eyebrow trimmers for men
    Men don't necessarily want to pluck their eyebrows. On the other hand, they may need to brighten their eyes and have a neat look. Many trimmer-shavers are now equipped with a precision eyebrow trimmer, making this a possibility for everyone. First, it is best to brush them upwards. Then, trim the hairs that stick out. Finish the styling with an invisible eyebrow gel. 

thick eyebrow process


Hair removal draws the eyebrow line, but it does not meet the need for density and asymmetry. Methods are now available to fill in sparse, unbalanced or too thin eyebrows. Performed by professionals, or for some in home formula, they answer most of the eyebrow problems: 

  • Lamination or stratification: this restructuring stabilizes the eyebrows in the desired shape.
  • Brow Lift: enhancement and fixation of each eyebrow hair in a precise position using keratin-based cosmetics.
  • Microblading - 6 D technique: very natural result with this ancestral process of Asian origin. This semi-permanent makeup retraces the eyebrow and fills in sparse spaces with ultra-fine lines on the surface of the epidermis.
  • The coloring: adapted to hairs that are too light, gray or white. It is also a fashion observed in flashy version, for an asserted original style.

Redrawing your eyebrows and giving them a perfect shape can literally change the look of your face. Whether it's to solve a complex or simply to feel more beautiful (or more handsome!), eyebrow shaping is not a detail. Are you convinced? Then continue on your way, and discover our other tips to take care of your eyes.

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