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Dermatological innovation with OYA Skin Diag V2

Because innovation is at the heart of our development, we would like to provide the best possible care for your skin. After OYA SKIN DIAG and OYA SKIN DIAG 360°, we provide our users with OYA SKIN DIAG V2, the latest diagnostic tool specifically for black and dark skin.


As you know, there are different types of skin: dry skin, normal skin, mixed skin and oily skin. These types are defined according to the quantity of sebum naturally produced by your skin every day by the sebaceous glands. These glands, naturally more localised on the chin, nose and forehead (commonly known as the T zone) will secrete more or less sebum. Skin that tends to be dry produces none or very little sebum. Mixed skin is different according to the area of the face (considering that one can have mixed skin that tends to be dry, or mixed to oily for example), and oily skin experiences an overproduction of sebum and tends to look very shiny.

By measuring this rate of sebum production with the help of a specialised sebum sensor found on the OYA SKIN DIAG V2, we can therefore deduce the skin type on your face. In order to refine this diagnosis, 2 measures must be taken. One for the cheekbones and one for the forehead.


It must also be understood that all of this is a question of balancing the skin’s quantities of water and sebum (relating to natural lipids produced by the skin). This water/oil combination is created by forming a hydrolipidic film, or a natural protective barrier for the skin against the wind, cold...

If the skin lacks water (and is therefore dehydrated), it will compensate by producing more sebum, resulting in mixed or oily skin for which My Corrector Unifying Matifying will be perfectly adapted.
If the skin contains enough water, it will produce less sebum, resulting in dry skin which must be cared for with a product like My
Corrector Unifying Moisturising.

Of course, each person’s skin has its own specific features and the diagnostic will vary from one person to another!

We often associate dry skin with dehydration of the skin, but this is not the case! That’s why to complete our diagnostic, the OYA SKIN V2 hydration sensor will precisely measure the amount of water present on the skin and thus define if the skin is dehydrated or not, and define its needs.        

OYA Skin Diag V2


It is possible to link the skin type (dry, mixed or oily) with firmness. In fact, skin that tends to be dry will tend to lose elasticity quicker than skin that tends to be mixed or oily. Which also explains the later appearance of wrinkles for people with oily skin... This represents 75% of black and dark skinned women!

To measure this important factor in your facial complexion, the firmness sensor will stimulate the skin and thus measure its firmness. Ideal for understanding how and why your skin needs, or doesn’t need, extra daily hydration.


Thanks to the integratedphoto tool in the OYA SKIN DIAG V2, you can have a very close look at your potential hyperpigmentation spots. But that’s not all, because this innovative tool will also allow you to see these potential spots which may appear in years to come or from sun exposure, which is a great way of anticipating and preventing these spots in advance, by treating them with My MEL’OYA® Correcting Serum.

In addition to getting a very close look at your blemishes, the photo tool and its integrated technology will allow you to zoom in on the different areas of your face to see the size of your pores in detail, on a normally invisible scale to the naked eye. This will therefore provide detail for the diagnostic as well as for the advice given to treat your skin issues. Do you have very constricted pores? You definitely have dry skin. Do you have very dilated pores, due to an excess accumulation of sebum? Your skin is definitely oily.

All of these elements go together to allow our experts to provide you with responses, but also personalised advice to nurture your skin on a daily basis. For personalised advice, you can contact our team by telephone on +33 (0) 4 42 90 72 28 or by E-mail at

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