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Fadia, 54 years old : sunken eyes & dark circles

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dark circles and sunken eyes before/after

"Since I was a teenager, I have searched and tried to treat my dark circles and never found a product that worked or gave me results. And yet, I never looked at my budget to treat my dark circles.

I am now 54 years old and have finally found a treatment that suits me. I have a lot of dark circles and thanks to IN'OYA this is a big step for me ! I leave it in the fridge and apply it morning and night, thanks to the integrated ball. The effect is immediate and refreshing. In 28 days my dark circles have been reduced on the outer corners, my fine lines have faded and my skin is smoother. Very pleasant smell and texture.

The best part is when people tell me that I don't have the same dark circles as before when they ask me what I did to get a luminous look. It has even motivated me to change my skincare routine and the way I wear make-up every day. I have gained confidence in myself.

I'm delighted with the result and now My Eye Contour is part of my routine."


F used :

My 3-in-1 Eye Contour "Anti-dark spot, Anti-dark circle, Anti-puffiness" MEL'OYA® EYES : every nights and days from the inner corner of the eye outwards

. My Regenerating Repairing Elixir REPAIR’OYA : every nights on the whole face and on the chest

. My Sun Fluid SPF 50 SUN’OYA : everyday on the whole face et on the puffiness

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