Stop the Harmful Effects of Stress on the Skin

stop-the-harmul-effectsIs there a link between stress and the appearance of our skin ?

You are certainly familiar with these two expressions : " to be on the edge of your skin " and " to be bad in your skin ". They show a plausible link between our mental health and that of our skin.

But let's be honest, have you ever observed the appearance of bags or dark circles under the eyes, eczema, hives or acne pimples during a stressful period? Before an important oral presentation or during a difficult family situation for example?

Thanks to this guide, you will understand how these skin problems due to stress occur in our daily lives.

In addition, the real question to ask is " how to match your mind and body to have beautiful skin, smooth, radiant and without imperfections ?" You will discover after this article our best anti-stress tips to prevent and limit their appearances.

What is stress ?

Heat stroke, heavy sweat, sweaty hands, heart palpitations, irritability : you have surely already felt one of these symptoms in the face of a stressful situation, haven't you?

Stress is a personal feeling. From one individual to another, faced with a given situation, the stimulus and the degree of intensity of these symptoms is very varied.  

It can be linked to :

-       To our environment : tension with those around us, frustration at work, financial problems...

-       In the news : the implementation of the curfew and the feeling of deprivation of liberty.

-       To our character : if you are stressed or demanding of yourself.  

However, it is necessary to know how to differentiate between acute stress related to a given moment and chronic stress that persists over several months. The latter is harmful to your health and skin.

acné peau noire cause stress

How does stress affect the skin ?

The nervous system and the skin have always been linked. Initially, when we were still an embryo they formed one : the ectoderm tissue.

Today, they are linked through many hormones, neuropeptides and inflammatory molecules.

Indeed, in case of stress, our body synthesizes for example cortisol and / or adrenaline which are the hormones of stress. Initially, they stimulate and increase the physical and intellectual faculties of the body to help us overcome all types of situations.

However, when stress becomes chronic, it is then devastating to the skin. These same substances will diffuse in excess on the skin and disrupt its skin balance.

What is the impact of stress on the skin ?

Stress has a real impact on the skin. It can be the cause of various skin complications :

Acne and stress :

Stress, through its production of hormones, neuropeptides and inflammatory molecules is able to increase the synthesis of sebum and thus create the appearance of acne pimples.

Circles, puffiness, fine lines and stress :

Skin dehydration and alteration of skin fibers are consequences of the harmful effects of stress on the skin. The eye area is a particularly sensitive and fragile area, it will mark them more easily. Then create the appearance of dark circles, puffiness or fine lines.

It is also noted that stress can disrupt sleep and create insomnia. This can also accentuate the emergence of these problems.

Eczema and stress :

Stress can also lead to eczema (atopic dermatitis). Indeed, the strong presence of cortisol and inflammatory molecules disrupt the immune system of the skin and thus causes the appearance of this inflammatory disease.

Urticaria and stress

Urticaria is most often of allergic origin. However, there is also " Nervous urticaria" which is linked to stress. Indeed, neuromediators and neuropeptides are also able to trigger it. Papular and itchy red patches then appear on the body.

Hyperpigmentation spots and stress :

Stress can be responsible for the appearance of hyperpigmentation spots. Indeed, melanin synthesis can be disrupted by a surplus of cortisol or a high concentration of inflammatory molecules.

My skin affects my morale what to do ?

As hard as it can be, the appearance of your skin should not impact your morale. In the event that this is the case, it becomes a real vicious circle in which it is absolutely necessary to be able to get out.

Whether visible or not, the clinical aspect of a dermatosis can be considered " troublesome or complexing". Thus, it can itself be a source of new stress and therefore the appearance of a new skin problem.

To learn more about this, we asked our OYAs through a questionnaire directly via our Instagram account @in.oya . Of the 714 people who responded, 429 felt that their skin problems (acne, spots, eczema, etc.) created stress or an internal complex.

The majority responded that as a result of this stress they had seen new problems on their faces and on their bodies. The most common were the appearance of pimples, hyperpigmentation spots or eczema. There is also the onset of psoriasis, hives or plaques on the scalp.   

We thus understand that stress can generate dermatosis and that the reverse is quite possible. It is therefore preferable to adopt an anti-stress approach in order to fight, prevent and limit the appearance of skin problems.

How can I reduce my stress to have beautiful skin ?

Stress management through personal development:

First of all, what is important to really reduce stress is to determine its origin by asking the right questions: 

  • Do you feel devalued or overworked ?
  • Is there a particular situation in which you feel stressed or anxious ?
  • Have you determined a toxic person around you ?

Once the cause is analyzed, show courage to overcome or override this. Surround yourself with a healthy environment, do things that bring you pleasure. Believe in yourself, encourage yourself in difficult situations and congratulate yourself when you succeed.

If the result is not at the level of your expectations, learn from it in order to improve next time but do not enter a spiral of negative thinking. Thinking positive brings positive.

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Anti-stress relaxation :

Do you feel overwhelmed by your emotions ? Take a few minutes out of your schedule and treat yourself to " relaxing minutes" to disconnect from this stressful environment.

There are a multitude of anti-stress activities with the same goal of finding a healthy harmony between your mind and your physical (the body). It's up to you to choose which one suits you best according to your sensitivity and suitability.

  • Sophrology : Based on breathing and relaxation
  • Yoga : Based on different postures and breathing.
  • Stretching : Based on stretching and breathing.

You can do them as soon as you wake up, at your breakfast break or in the evening before sleeping.

  • Acupuncture : Based on needle placement
  • Reflexology : Based on a massage that stimulates the reflex points of the arch of the foot (representing the mapping of the body)

This can be your weekly or monthly anti-stress appointment.

Anti-stress sport :

Once again, but not least :  A good workout is a very good anti-stress remedy.

During your physical activity, you release hormones: endorphins and dopamine. They provide well-being thanks to their anxiolytic, analgesic and anti-fatigue effects.

So don't wait any longer, take your sneakers or swimsuit and work out !

Thirty minutes of sport 2 to 3 times a week is enough to feel the positive effects of good regular physical activity.

An anti-stress skincare routine:

Treat yourself to an anti-stress, radiance booster or anti-fatigue beauty ritual.

An anti-stress diet:

Do not think directly of anxiolytics or dietary supplements. Some foods have a natural anti-stress effect. Rich in vitamin C and B, magnesium, omega 3, they improve emotional balance and stimulate the production of antidepressant hormones such as dopamine for example.

So remember to include in your diet :

-       Dark chocolate

-       Fatty fish: Salmon, tuna or mackerel.

-       Fruits and vegetables

-       Eggs

-       Herbal teas with anxiolytic properties such as linden, lemon balm or passionflower.

This way, you understand the importance of being in symbiosis with your mind and body. Stress directly impacts the appearance of your skin. So to have a beautiful skin and without imperfection we recommend you to adopt the positive attitude!