Get clear, spot-free skin

Taches sur peau noireHyperpigmentation spots are a real problem for a very large part of black and matte women. Pimples, burns, scars... Each "aggression" towards the skin leaves a spot that can sometimes remain on the skin for several years. Why do these spots form, and what are the ways to get rid of them permanently?

The appearance of a spot on the skin is caused by melanin : in addition to its role as a "pigment" of the skin, it also has an anti-inflammatory role. When the skin undergoes aggression, melanin will be produced by the skin to help it heal. The problem with black and matte skin, unlike Caucasian or Asian skin, is that the spots caused by this overproduction of melanin disappear only very slowly! Not easy when you have suffered from an acne breakout for example...


After treating the cause of your spots ( acne pimples for example), it is important to use products specific to black and matte skin such as Mon Sérum anti-taches MEL'OYA® in order to treat hyperpigmentation spots definitively: the process of appearing a spot in light skin and dark skin is not the same, so the products to use either! You can supplement your anti-stain treatment with an exfoliating product 1 to 2 times a week, such as My CLEAN'OYA® EXTRA Exfoliating Cleansing Gel, to rid the skin of dead cells and accelerate its renewal.

You should also remember to protect your spots from the sun when they are exposed, as with sun'OYA® Solar Fluid SPF50. The sun may make them darker, or even cause the appearance of new spots. This is also why it is recommended to undertake its anti-stain treatment in winter.

For spots located on the body, do not hesitate to combine the daily use of the Anti-Stain Serum with the MEL'OYA® Lite Moisturizing Unifying Body Milk, it will allow you to moisturize in depth while optimizing your anti-stain treatment!


Knowing now that pimples often cause the appearance of a brown spot, it is very important not to touch or pierce them! This may cause the appearance of a dark spot that takes longer to disappear, or even a scar. A bad reflex to stop as soon as possible!