6 daily actions to avoid from bacteria and have beautiful skin

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Conseils pour avoir une belle peau noire

A beautiful skin well hydrated and luminous? We dream of it all for sure! It is obvious that this requires the use of cosmetics adapted to your skin type as you are often told but not only!

Our skin is confronted from morning to night (and even during sleep) to various bacteria responsible for dull, pimply and non-smooth skin.

Even though our skin naturally contains good bacteria that have protective and defensive roles, we recommend adopting these few good habits daily to limit the fixation and spread of any environmental pathogen.

Here are six tips and practical and free tips to keep skin healthy and fit!

Here are six tips and practical and free tips to keep skin healthy and fit!


1.Wash your hands regularly

 This is the basis ! We will not stop repeating but our hands are in contact with so many bacteria in everyday life that we do not even realize it.

Clean your hands properly: to the wrists, between the fingers and with soap.

 2. Wash the brushes and beauty blender

 These makeup utensils carry thousands of germs that accumulate in the very bottom of the bristles of your brushes or the foam of your beauty blender ... That's why we recommend cleaning them once a week with a suitable product or marseille soap.

 3. Change bed sheets

 Yes, no respite for your skin ... even while you sleep. Hair, sebum and dust builds up on your pillowcases mainly and therefore on your face. That’s why it is important, first of all, to ventilate the bedroom and make the bed (shake the sheets, ventilate the comforter, etc.). Of course, we do not have the time (or the desire) every morning to do it. It is for once a week to change the sheets and especially the pillowcases.

 4. Separate the bath towel for the body from the one for the face

 Very few do, but if you knew how important it is. We do not mix towel and towel. The skin of the face is so thin and so fragile compared to the skin of the body.

Ah and after the shower, we extend his towel in a drier space than the bathroom where moisture promotes the proliferation of bacteria on towels. Also, washed towels at 90 ° C.

 5. Remove makeup properly

 We keep telling you ladies, removing make-up is very important. Indeed, by dint of leaving behind foundation, blush, concealer and other, your pores are clogged which means that the skin no longer breathes and this results in the appearance of pimples. So in addition to well clean his brushes we also clean the face with a suitable makeup remover and then perfect cleansing with micellar water or cleansing foam.

 6. Watch out the phone!

 Did you know that your phone has more bacteria than a toilet? Yes, dear OYA. Imagine when you put your phone on your cheek all the germs transfer that take place. *Gloup *

Remember to clean each day with a cloth of water or a wipe your phone!


It is obvious that we shouldn’t go paranoid but it is important to know that very often, to adopt daily gestures as this can limit the proliferation of bacteria responsible in some people of skin not clear.

So, ready for the big cleaning?