With its 20 to 40 metres of height, the Baillonella Toxisperma is one of the giants of the Cameroonian and Gabonese forests. Extremely exploited in the equatorial forest, it is now endangered. In fact, it takes 50 to 70 years for it to begin to flower and regular production of fruit doesn't occur until it is 90 to 100 years old. The oil of Baillonella Toxisperma, sharing numerous similarities with shea butter, is known for its nourishing virtues.


This tree is found in the Cameroonian and Gabonese forests, as well as in the Great Green Wall.


The seeds of Baillonella Toxisperma are dried and crushed in order to recover the oil that they contain. This oil has numerous similaries with shea butter, which allows it to be used in cosmetics for capillary products and soap making.