Well-being: our advice for recharging your batteries during confinement

s'occuper à la maison

The current situation forces us to stay at home with family, friends or alone for some. The time may seem long, the motivation is not always there, the morale in the socks ... If some do not see the day passed because teleworking requires, others are short of ideas for entertainment.

Laboratoire IN'OYA gives you some ideas that you can follow in this very special period.

A single watchword: do not leave your home or do it only in case of extreme necessity.


Catch up with those around you

With the rhythm of everyday life, we often miss the essentials: family and friends. Take the time to sit down and call your childhood friend you haven't talked to for months. This old aunt who is just waiting for your call to tell you about her daily life. We don't think enough about people who live alone and just need to feel loved. So this is the opportunity.


Cleaning up

"This weekend I'm doing the big cleaning"... This sentence you may have said every week while looking for a paper or an object among your bazaar, right?

This time you have no excuse! It's time to sort, tidy up and clean. Everything must pass there: clothes, pharmacy box, kitchen cupboards, bathroom, papers... you did not suspect everything that can be accumulated in a lifetime. And if you need help in your sorting, use Marie KONDO's method. To empty one's interior is also to empty one's head and start on a good basis.


Do a sports activity

Faire du sport à la maisonWith travel reduced, doing a minimum of daily activity would do your body and mind well. Let it be said, we spend more than 80% of the day sitting on a chair, the sofa or lying in bed. In order not to have any unpleasant surprises, it is important to tone your body.

There are a multitude of free videos on youtube that you can follow according to your goals or preferences: Yoga, HIIT, muscle building... there is everything for everyone.

Schedule an hour with your friends to video call you and perform at least 20 minutes of exercise daily. This makes the exercise more motivating and warm.


Take out the board games

Monopoly, UNO, card games... so many classics that we have put aside and that yet, create  good memories with family or friends (well, not for the bad losers).

If you are alone, you can think about crossword puzzles, puzzles, making logic games or online games.

This kind of activity is ideal for putting your phone aside for a few hours.


Take the time to read

Ah the reading... This is an activity that we neglect far too much in normal times. This is the time to be violent and sit on your sofa, relax, work on your memory and imagination. What could be better than imagining what a character could look like?

Other than novels, you can indulge in books on personal development for example to become a better version of yourself. At IN'OYA, we love to read Rhonda Byrne's Secret or Miguel Ruiz's The 4 Toltec Accords.

You can also listen to podcasts according to the themes you want: family, culture, finance, education, cooking... ah the magic of the internet!


Taking care of yourself

prendre soin de soi à la maisonLet it be said, being locked up all day makes us ignore our hygiene or our femininity. It is important to continue to prepare a minimum during the day and not stay in pajamas to unlock a minimum of motivation.

As you are often told, it is important to take the time for yourself. This is an opportunity to take care of your hair for example, to do scrubs more regularly, to have masks applied ...

Do not hesitate to read or reread our beauty tips.

Well on the list of activities to do can be even longer but you already have something to do. We hope these ideas help keep you busy with family, friends or alone. The main thing is that you are healthy.

Tell us in comment how you organize your days to pass the time.  Take care of yourself and your loved ones. Life will resume its course. Start getting organized. Discover our recommendations to protect your face from skin damage from the mask.