The changes I’ve seen each month have assured me of how good the IN’OYA products

avant après IN'OYA boutons et taches suite à l'utilisation de produits éclaircissants

Wendie, 26 years old: "I contacted the IN'OYA Laboratory in October 2014 because I had very oily skin, pimples and many spots on my face for more than 10 years, following acne and the use of lightening products.

I had a hard time coping with these stains, which I had become accustomed to hiding every day with makeup.

After contacting IN'OYA, I was offered a 2-step treatment of 3 months each: a first treatment to effectively treat my pimples, and a second to make my spots disappear with the Anti-Stain Serum, the Mattifying Unifying Care and a scrub based on salicylic acid.

I was able to quickly see results on my pimples, and the changes observed each month on my spots could reassure me about the effectiveness of the products. I was able to be advised, listened to and accompanied by the IN'OYA team until the end of my treatment.

The changes on my skin are now clearly visible, and I'm really happy to see my spots finally disappear.

A big thank you to the whole IN'OYA team! »