Meryem, 24 years old, Morocco - anti-stain serum review

Meryem, 24 years old:

"Resident in Morocco, I discovered in January the existence of the IN'OYA Laboratory through the article of "Jeune Afrique" which evoked the career of its founder, and I was fascinated by the desire of a young entrepreneur to want to put at the heart of research black & matte skin.

I really wanted to test IN'OYA products, which have proven their effectiveness, in order to find a solution to my skin problem. I have matte skin (Maghreb type), I developed pimples in my legs, which caused me spots. The origin of these pimples and therefore of the spots is a food allergy that I had made a few months ago. I tested a lot of anti-stain creams, anti-scars... but the stains persisted.

So I asked for the help of the IN'OYA team and I had the chance to be part of their panel of testers launched at the beginning of 2013. So I followed a two-month treatment, while being followed by IN'OYA myself. The treatment greatly reduced my pimples and evened out the color of my skin on my legs.

I continue the IN'OYA treatment following the care protocol of its team of researchers, and I am delighted.

Today, I know that there is an anti-stain product adapted to my skin type and that can respond correctly to occasional skin problems. Thank you to the entire IN'OYA Laboratory team for advice, follow-up and availability. »