IN’OYA, a team of experts in black and dark skin

Ges, 23 years old:

"Followed by the IN'OYA team as a member of their panel of testers in 2013, I was delighted to entrust my skin to such a team of experts in black and matte skin.

I had a lot of spots on my face, caused by the use of dubious products. In fact, I had a non-uniform complexion and the beginning of skin ochronosis. I was followed by IN'OYA for 3 months of treatment, and the first results began to appear in the first month. Today, my skin is sublime and my complexion is unified. IN'OYA products, I recommend them, that's for sure!

A big thank you to the IN'OYA team, especially its founder, who did not spare his efforts to answer all my questions. »