My skin has transformed!

Afi 40 ans taches sur le visage après une lotion éclaircissante

Afi, 40 years old: "For a few months, I have had big acne pimples on my face and this following the use of a lightening lotion. The pimples were huge, painful, and left me full of spots on my face that I camouflaged with foundation, it was unbearable!

When I discovered IN'OYA products, I hesitated before testing because I was tired of testing ineffective products. I ended up taking the plunge once I was certain that the whole range contained no dangerous or lightening molecules.

Following my exchange with a person from the team who listened to me pleasantly by phone and explained the care protocol, I started the anti-stain treatment by combining the Anti-Stain Serum and the Matifying Unifying Care.

To my surprise, after 10 days of treatment, I was already starting to see the pimples disappear and the stains that faded. Pleasantly surprised, I called IN'OYA to thank them. I remember saying " it's a miracle product!" After 2 months of treatment, I had no more pimples, no more spots. My complexion is even and my skin is glowing. I have "baby skin". I reassure all women who are in the same situation as me, the MEL'OYA anti-stain range is effective and acts in a remarkable way on stains. I thank the whole team for their support, their listening and all the valuable advice they gave me.

Finally, I wanted to emphasize and reassure my sisters that this product is not a whitener but a unifier, it unifies your complexion and makes it more than luminous. Finally, don't forget to remove makeup from your skin every night before applying the treatment! »