Choosing the right sun protection for dark skin

protection solaire peau noire

We often tend to think that black or matte skin does not need sunscreen but is this really the case, and why?

You should know that eumelanins, the pigments of black and matte skin, protect your skin against sun exposure and more precisely against UV rays. However, it turns out that this exposure can cause differences in pigmentation, especially in the face and on traumatized areas, if you have suffered from acne, scars or allergies ...

By using unifying or anti-stain products, the amount of eumelanin in your skin will drop, lowering your level of protection from the sun. Protection will therefore be necessary!

Advice :

Contrary to popular belief, during sun exposure, black and matte skin needs sun protection (although at lower indices than protection for Caucasian or Asian skin). This is essential to avoid the stimulation of eumelanins which may cause the appearance of spots. In summer, do not go out without a protection with index 50 like sun'oya® Solar Fluid to protect your pretty black and matte skin without unsightly white traces!

When you want to treat your hyperpigmentation spots or keep an even complexion, this protection is essential to protect the skin effectively. This will prevent the spots present from darkening, and will also prevent the appearance of new spots. It is also the best way to have a homogeneous skin color without pigmentation differences! Find more tips to take care of your skin and take care of your tasks in our article "How to remove stains on the skin safely?"

Tip :

Use your anti-stain products overnight, and if possible start your anti-stain, anti-blemish or scar treatments during the winter period. If you want to treat stains during the summer, sun protection is essential!