Removing your make-up the right way

démaquillage peau noire The "makeup removal" step is an essential gesture for all women. Why should I never skip this step, and what are the benefits for my black and matte skin?

We can never say it enough: skin cleansing is a sine qua non condition for displaying a radiant complexion and smooth skin. You should know that during the day, our skin accumulates impurities related to pollution, makeup ... And at night our skin sweats, produces sebum and renews itself leaving dead skin on our face. Cleaning your face morning and evening therefore allows you to maintain a supple and silky skin, to eliminate impurities and also to ensure a better hold of makeup during the day. It is also important to differentiate the makeup removal, which will remove foundation, powder, mascara ... and cleansing, which completes makeup removal by ridding the skin of accumulated impurities.


Black and matte women with mostly oily or combination skin (read our Beauty Tip on this subject) need a feeling of freshness : they like to feel their skin washed deeply in order to get rid of the unpleasant feeling of fat. So think of products that rinse with water such as cleansing gels, cleansing foams such as My Cleansing Foam CLEAN'OYA® (which will both cleanse the skin and regulate excess sebum) or micellar cleansing waters such as My Micellar Water "Sensitive Skin" CLEAN'OYA®.

This type of product, fresh and non-greasy, tones, purifies and softens the epidermis. It is advisable for combination to oily skin to avoid cleansing milks and leave-in emulsions, which are more suitable for dry to very dry skin. Note that micellar water remains a must, which is very suitable for all skin types, including the driest.

For a deep cleansed skin, you can also use an exfoliating gel like My Clean'OYA® EXTRA Cleansing Cleansing Gel, which will rid your skin of impurities but also promote its cell renewal, ideal to optimize the effectiveness of your anti-stain or anti-blemish treatment . Developed without soap for gentle cleansing, it is also suitable for all skin types.


For a radiant complexion and a smooth and silky skin, think of a last rinse with cold water: this gesture will tighten the pores and revive your pretty complexion! Also remember to moisturize your skin after each makeup removal.