Acne peel on black skin: recommended or not?

peeling peau noire

Skin with imperfections, acne, spots, sagging skin... Many OYA have to deal with these issues. Should peeling on black or matte skin be used to remedy this, and what risks can there be?

Requests for peels by black and matte women are multiplying. It is a method to fight against sagging skin and irregularities of the complexion, to make appear a more radiant and less wrinkled skin.

However, it should be noted that the use of peeling is strongly discouraged for black and matte skin given the risk of depigmentation, scarring or hyperpigmentation, that is to say the appearance of spots. The result can therefore be catastrophic, especially when you want to get rid of stains, but it results in the appearance of new spots. For black and matte skin, it will therefore be necessary to take more precautions to prevent irregular hyperpigmentation, which is the consequence of an involuntary and irregular stimulation of melanocytes (the skin cells producing melanin, and which give the epidermis its color).

Thus, the strong "deep" peel or any laser act (apart from the laser depilatory treatment of ingrown hairs) are therefore strongly discouraged for women with black and matte skin.


Prefer superficial or medium peeling. Be aware that this manipulation requires a perfect knowledge and preparation of his skin (to put the production of melanin at rest) and precise indications made by a dermatologist or an experienced doctor with a treatment before, during and after the intervention. Also think of dermatological treatments with an exfoliating action such as the CLEAN'OYA® Exfoliating Cleansing Gel that stimulates the natural renewal of the skin, and boosts an anti-stain or anti-imperfection treatment. Then treat your spots with mel'OYA® anti-stain serum every night to make them disappear permanently without any side effects on the skin.


Perform the peel in winter, away from the sun. Do not shave at least 2 hours before the intervention, and finally avoid the use of hair removal a week before the intervention.