The opinion of the pharmacist Dr Akbaraly on

Pharmacien Dr Akabaraly - Avis In'OyaDr. Akbaraly is the pharmacist at the Pharmacie RER Sevran located in Ile de France. In this interview, he discusses his officinal experience and gives us his opinion on our novelty " My Unifying Supplement & Radiance of the complexion "

Mr AKBARALY, you have been a pharmacist for several years.

What are the missions that you like the most in your job as an officinal pharmacist?

First of all I chose this profession to be in contact with the patients. It is a profession that requires a certain versatility. We must both listen to the needs of patients, while calling on our scientific knowledge to secure our deliveries and offer appropriate advice

Being a community pharmacist also means wearing an entrepreneurial hat: managing commercial relations with laboratories, developing an offer and services that meet the expectations of our customers, and managing a team of pharmacists and preparers.   

At the counter, we are regularly asked to relieve and deal with various subjects and in particular skin problems. Our expertise in product formulation allows us to provide the most suitable solution for everyone's needs.

Unfortunately, even today, access to cosmetics specific to black, matte and mixed skin is not always obvious.Pharmacie de la Gare RER Sevran - Spécialiste Peaux Noires

Why did you choose to include ethnic brands in your pharmacy ?

During my various professional experiences in pharmacy, I was able to see that the offer for the darkest skin tones was very limited and was limited to a few ranges, mainly formulated with fruit acids (AHA).

Being of Malagasy origin, I myself was confronted with problems of post-acne pigment spots in adolescence, on which the traditional ranges of parapharmacy did not work. 

This is what motivated me to develop, within my pharmacy, a wider range of dermo-cosmetic products for the darkest phototypes. 

You are very interactive with our Laboratory. You regularly schedule animations. You co-hosted with our OYA Expert " skin health" conferences at NHA 2019.

Animation In'Oya Pharmacie Gare - RER SevranWhere does this trust in IN'OYA come from?

In 2015, I decided to reference the IN'OYA brand for its innovative assets, developed in collaboration with the CNRS. It was the first time we could offer side-free and hydroquinone-free skin products developed specifically for black, matte and mixed skin, so it is for the brand's expertise that I am happy to work with them to this day.

The main purpose of the food supplements was to supplement the diet in order to avoid possible deficiencies.

Today, what do you think of the new trend of " nutricosmetics " that complement our beauty routines?  

Nutri-cosmetics are about promoting the well-being of the skin, hair and nails through food supplements. In pharmacies, the offer of beauty food supplements has diversified widely in recent years, in order to meet increasingly specific needs. 

Nutri-cosmetics is increasingly part of our consulting approach. It allows the implementation of a global care protocol "IN & OUT" : we treat a problem from the inside thanks to food supplements and from the outside with dermo-cosmetic treatments for an optimal result

IN'OYA launches for the first time, its first food supplement " My Unifying Food Supplement & Radiance of the Skin ".Anti Tache Routine In & Out In'Oya

How will this product meet the needs of your customers?

In the field, we see a real expectation around a food supplement, with a natural formulation intended to treat pigment spots

With your expertise, you meet this need with a VEGAN formulation including a new patented Anti-stain technology MEL'OYA CAPS. I also note the addition of zinc and vitamin D to optimize specificity for black, matte and mixed skin.

I am therefore very excited to be able to offer this type of product that will optimize the anti-stain care protocols that we offer at the pharmacy.

With this new product, I realize once again that the IN'OYA laboratory is strong in innovative proposals. It is through your expertise and proximity to your customers that you will continue to develop further. The best is yet to come, I have no doubt about that.