Which Nude Makeup on Black Skin?

Maquillage Nude Peau noireNude makeup has been trending for several seasons. Despite its natural appearance, this makeup can seem complex to achieve. For black and mixed-race skin, the choice of colors can be difficult.

Want to know what nude makeup really is? Wondering if it can be worn on any occasion ? INOYA guides you and gives you the essential steps to succeed.

What exactly is nude makeup?

The well-made nude makeup is not visible. You don't seem to be wearing makeup when in reality you are. This style is sometimes confused with no make-up or "natural " makeup. The goal is an embellishment with the help of natural shades, adapted to the color of the skin. This process doesn't just use tone-on-tone. Thus, depending on the parts of the face : eyes, lips, T-zone, cheekbones, you will enhance your initial tone.

Nude makeup consists of delicate reflections :

  • the good-looking effect is subtly revealed
  • the technique gives a luminous shine
  • the nuances blend in with transparency
  • the tones are in harmony with those of your complexion

For black and mixed skin, these characteristics are not always detailed and explained clearly, but a nude makeup tutorial will be useless if you do not know which colors of make-up products to choose. With 39 shades of complexion for black skin, it is therefore essential to know yours. This selection is crucial for a successful beauty treatment. With standardized appellations, golden type, caramel or chocolate ... It's easy to get lost quickly .Nude make-up peau métissée

Thus, one should not confuse the color of one's skin and the undertone. One may have black skin and a cold undertone. Similarly, the mixed, rather clear skin reveals a warm undertone. To determine with certainty what your complexion is, we invite you to consult our complete guide. You will be able to identify your ideal nude style according to your skin tone.

When to make a nude makeup?

With its sober appearance, some of you are reluctant to decide for nude makeup on any occasion. Do not doubt anymore, you can adopt it on a daily basis and even in the evening. On the investment side, your range of nude shades is quickly profitable. Here is a reminder of the times when this beauty is recommended:

  • Particularly indicated in daily makeup. With its natural appearance, it meets many requirements of the corporate world. Light and delicate, it highlights you without being too showy. Practical, it adapts, in addition, to all outfits !
  • For an improvised evening or a last-minute outing, the assets are numerous. You can do your makeup at the beginning of the day. You will give yourself a simple refreshment in the late afternoon. It's perfect if you can't go home after work.
  • Finally, for a wedding, nude makeup is ideal. Your beauty must have an irreproachable outfit. The party will continue until the end of the night, but forget the flashy or very glittery colors unflattering during the day. In addition, this trend is suitable regardless of the wedding season.

Maquillage Nude soirée mariageNude makeup is infinitely available. Yet, there is no single technique valid for all, all the time. Under its simple appearance, this makeup is in short more complex than it seems.

You will adapt the gestures and the number of products to be applied to create variants. The method will be more or less sophisticated depending on the desired end result. In any case, some steps are essential for a zero defect effect. 

What are the steps for nude makeup?

This make-up aims to reveal the radiance of your complexion. No matter when you do the nude makeup, don't forget about cleaning. With gentle care, rid your epidermis of impurities, but also of possible traces of blush or lipstick.

For a resplendent look, pay special attention to the hydration of your face. Choose a cream with a light and fluid texture adapted to your skin type. By using treatments appropriate to your needs, you help to naturally reveal the original beauty of your skin. It is thus prepared to receive complexion products.

The work of the complexion : essential for a bare skin effect

This is the most important step for nude makeup.  Some professionals recommend the application of a primer. This foundation of complexion smoothes irregularities. It allows the pigments a better hold by acting as a barrier. However, silicone-based, it limits the oxygenation of the skin tissue. Its use is therefore to be reserved for exceptional events.

At INOYA, we want above all to sublimate the color of your skin. Thus, we offer you a nude makeup tutorial in video within the reach of all:

You will find its detailed version below. Sometimes you will see more complex methods. For an everyday beauty, these 5 essential steps are just perfect. You will get an ideal nude spirit complexion:tuto make-up peau noire pour tous les jours

  1. Choose a fluid foundation or complexion water. Bb cream is also suitable. The use of the flat brush is recommended to create an absolute fade and avoid demarcations. A small cushion or " cushion " is also an effective tool to unify in transparency.
  2. Does your skin have blemishes like pimples or scars? A few touches of concealer, corrective stick or blur cream will blur these asperities.
  3. The application of an anticerne, if the underside of the eye is darker, will illuminate your gaze naturally. Choose a shade that is slightly lighter than your complexion for optimal results.
  4. To give light and sculpt your face, put a highlighter or Highliter on the T-zone.
  5. With a special blush brush, sweep your blush on the cheekbones up to the temples. For more transparency, opt for a liquid version. This translucent texture is ideal. Spread three drops on each side and stretch the material in small circles upwards.

Subtle and luminous glow on the eyes

It is sometimes complex not to make a mistake in the colors to apply to the eyes. Alicia Keys' nude will be different from that of ebony skin like Lupita Nyong'o. How to find your way around ? We often read - wrongly - that the shades for the " nude black skin" are only composed of brown or taupe shadows. It's a shortcut: black skin is plural !

palette nude peau noireYour tones will vary depending on your previously revealed complexion. The satin texture, rich in pigments, is preferred for black and mixed skin. The semi-matte effect may be suitable but beware of powder formulas. They usually give a dull result. Thus, you will make your choice among the biggest trends of nude pallets:

  • Taupe, praline beige and burnish pink
  • Golden, mordoré or copper
  • Iced brown, bronze, mocha
  • Chocolate, dark iridescent

Once this selection of colors is made, the gestures are, on the other hand, relatively simple. The clearest and brightest shadow of the palette will be placed at the inner corner of the eye and on the eyebrow arch. The darkest will be reserved for the outer corner, flush with the eyelashes.

With a few diagrams, the marks easily show you the possible gradients between 2 or even 3 associated colors. Optionally watch videos on YouTube. But here again, beware : you will find more or less sophisticated techniques!

In reality, for a beautiful nude look on a daily basis, the pose of a single color will prove sufficient. You can melt the eye shadow with your finger or foam brush on the mobile eyelid. A black eyeliner is not necessarily essential; but with a fine line, it can emphasize the look subtly. A hint of light kohl pencil along the inner mucosa is possible.

The brown, black or transparent mascara will enhance the whole. Stay in a choice of sober colors. Structuring, the work of the eyebrow will balance the beauty of your face. If your eyebrows are rather sparse, you can thicken them with a tone-on-tone pencil. Densify them slightly by tracing small thin and angled hatchings , then brush upwards.

bouche nude peau noireNude spirit lips : which color to choose?

In the nude spirit, the mouth is discreetly sublimated, but it is made up. It must appear smooth and soft for a successful enhancement. So beforehand, moisturize them carefully with a nourishing balm.

Lipstick will simply illuminate the natural hue. To beautify your smile while respecting the nude trend, opt for a delicate tone while transparency. Satin textures and even glossy are totally suitable. To refine a luscious mouth, choose a semi-matte or creamy formula. Contrast should be ensured, so avoid beiges that are too pale.

Once again, the brands offer special nude ranges to suit all tastes. We will find, on the whole, shades created around brown or brown, enhanced by pink or red.  Here is an example of the nuances present in the collections:

  • Old pink, taupe, pinkish brown
  • Caramel, honey with golden reflections
  • Copper, brick or peach (coral)
  • Mocha brown, chocolate

With some reds covering, the outline is useless. However, you can draw it for a better hold. If you have a different shade between your upper and lower lips, apply a corrective pencil. The shade should be close to that of the lightest lip. This will make it easier for you to unify the color of your mouth.

Finally, to stay sublime and natural to the end of the nails, consult our special guide " nude varnish".