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dark spot on black face before / after

Maryama : 

« My Correcting Serum : my miracle after so many years !

I'm really glad I had the opportunity to try this serum because I've had hyperpigmentation spots all over my face since I was a teenager. They were getting worse depending on the situation and since I discovered this serum it has been really effective. It is not complicated to use. It's fluid, light, odorless and absorbs quickly.  That's what I really liked about this product.

You could say that I had really tried everything, even depigmentation without any correct effect in the long term. And now, BIM ! The Correcting Serum has really helped to fade my spots, to make my complexion even, without any side effects like I knew before.

I really thank IN'OYA for this innovation. »


Maryama used :

- My Foam Purifying Cleansing : Morning and evening to cleanse and matify the skin by regulating excess sebum.

My Correcting Serum : Every night on spots of hyperpigmentation, on clean and dry skin.

My Gel "Cleanser Exfoliating Scrubbing" : Every evening for 15 days then 2 to 3 times a week with emphasis on the areas to be treated.

MEL’OYA® & H2O’OYA® My Corrector « Unifying Matifying» : Every morning to matify and unify your skin

My Dietary Supplements Unifying & Radiant Complexion : Every evening, one capsule after the meal.