Food Supplements & Treatment of Hyperpigmentation Spots

The appearance of hyperpigmentation spots, brown spots or black spots on the face or body is one of the first skin problems encountered in black, matte and mixed skin.

Until now to treat them, it was necessary to choose between aesthetic medicine or the use of cosmetic anti-stain care. Today a new type of care is now available on the market : radiance-boosting food supplements. From the field of nutricosmetics, their promises are to treat your pigment spots from the inside.

How do they act? Are they really effective ? Do they replace cosmetic care?

So many questions that arise instinctively in our thoughts in the face of this new trend. In this article, we answer all these questions and much more. We will offer you a new anti-stain routine called " IN & OUT " combining both our new food supplement My Unifying Food Supplement & Skin Radiance and our award-winning bestseller at the Victoires de la Beauté 2020/2021 : My Anti-stain Serum.

Can food supplements treat skin problems?

The National Agency for Food, Environmental and Occupational Health and Safety (ANSES) defines food supplements as "foodstuffs whose purpose is to supplement the normal diet and which constitute a concentrated source of nutrients or other substances having a nutritional or physiological effect".

Thus, food supplements can also have a physiological effectiveness on the skin. This is the promise of nutricosmetics. From the contraction of words : nutrition and cosmetics, it includes all food supplements having an action on the skin but also on hair and nails.

Their objective is clear : to treat a skin problem from the inside by an in-depth action. Indeed, they act directly on the hypodermis and dermis unlike cosmetic treatments that must limit their actions to the epidermis.

To achieve this, several steps are necessary :

  • The first, absorption : The ingestion of a food supplement is characterized by a dissolution of its galenic form (capsule, tablet etc.) in order to let the active ingredients diffuse to the general blood circulation of the body.  
  • Distribution : These active ingredients will be able to circulate throughout your body thanks to blood transporters in order to be able to reach their skin targets
  • The action : Once the active ingredients are fixed on the receptors (cells or skin fibers), they will be able to emit their anti-oxidant, regenerating, moisturizing or anti-stain actions etc.

actifs antitaches peau noire peau mate peau métissée

How will food supplements act on hyperpigmentation spots ?

As a reminder, a hyperpigmentation spot is caused by a skin pigmentation disorder characterized by an excess of melanin (natural skin pigment). This overproduction of melanin can be caused by the sun's UV rays, hormones (pregnancy, contraception, stress) or by post-inflammatory reactions (pimples, eczema, repeated friction).

To eliminate hyperpigmentation spots, it is necessary to be able to block overactivated melanocytes because it is these cells that are responsible for melanogenesis.

Through our expertise, we have understood that to act effectively on the brown spots of black, matte and mixed skin, two strategies are necessary :

  • Inhibit the action of the enzyme tyrosinase : Key enzyme of melanogenesis because it catalyzes the first two reactions of the formation of both types of melanins (pheomelanins, clear pigments and eumelanins, brown pigments).

  • Inhibit the action of TYRP 1 (DHICA-oxidase) and TYRP 2 (dopachrome tautomerase): This action is essential in pigmented skin because they are the two enzymes specific to the synthesis of eumelanins. In addition, they have the ability to stabilize and work in synergy with tyrosinase. Thus, if it is blocked, TYRP 1 and 2 are able to catalyze its reactions and therefore continue to produce the hyperpigmentation spot.

Therefore, we have developed a new anti-stain technology MEL'OYA CAP'S including various active ingredients including holly extract which is our latest patented active ingredient. Specially designed for My Food Supplement Unifying & Radiance of the Complexion, it guarantees a skin without spots and a naturally radiant complexion thanks to its anti-melanogenic, anti-tyrosinase and especially anti-tyrp 1 actions.

My food supplement Unifying & Burst of the complexion is therefore able to bind to the overactivated melanocytes present on the basal lamina, between the epidermis and the dermis and inhibit the overproduction of melanin by blocking these key enzymes.

Thus, it effectively removes hyperpigmentation spots present on the face and body but also prevents their appearance by blocking them even before they are visible.

In addition, in order to obtain a complete care, we have added to its formula :

  • Anti-oxidative active ingredients (Vitamin C, E and Manganese) to protect the skin from external aggressions
  • Antibacterial, anti-inflammatory and seboregulatory active ingredients to achieve clear and blemish-free skin.
  • Vitamin D to prevent deficiencies in this vitamin that is mainly pigmented skin.  

traiter naturellement taches d'hyperpigmentation

Between a cosmetic treatment and food supplements to treat my stains : Which one is the most effective ?

It is not a question of choosing between these two types of care because they are actually complementary to effectively treat your hyperpigmentation spots.

Indeed, with My unifying food supplement & skin radiance we guarantee you an action from the inside, deeper on your hyperpigmentation spots. Its effectiveness is long-term, so we recommend that you follow a 1-3 month cure to maximize your results in the long term.

My Anti-stain serum acts from the outside, through the epidermis. Composed of the patented MEL'OYA technology, it also targets overactivated melanocytes and inhibits their overproduction of melanins thanks to its anti-tyrosinase and anti-Tyrp 1 active ingredients. Its effectiveness has been scientifically and clinically demonstrated from 28 days of use. In addition, he was awarded the 2020-2021 Beauty Victories.

Both therefore have the same asset strategy. The objective of this association is to treat your tasks from the inside and the outside to optimize your results. You will get a unified, spot-free skin with a naturally glowing complexion.

A new " In & Out " Anti-stain care protocol

" In & Out " skincare protocols are a whole new trend in beauty skincare routines. They are defined by an " In " action from the inside thanks to food supplements and an " Out " action from the outside by the topical application of your cosmetic treatments.

By analyzing this, we have been able to set up a brand new Anti-stain care protocol " In & Out " in order to advise you as best as possible on the combination of our two treatments. It is therefore characterized by :

  • The " In " action: Taking a capsule of My food supplement, in the evening before or after the meal with a glass of water to facilitate its absorption.
  • The " Out " action: The localized application on your hyperpigmentation spots of Mon Sérum Anti-spots, in the evening on a well-cleansed skin. You can boost its effectiveness by combining My Anti-stain Serum: My Exfoliating Cleansing Gel and one of our Unifying Moisturizing or Mattifying treatments. 

This new routine is perfectly detailed in video on our instagram