Hyperpigmentation spots and sun: Prevention and Treatment

Traitement anti taches en été

Can I treat my spots while enjoying the summer?

The answer is yes dear OYA! It's finally the holidays, on the program: beach, walk and walk in town ... Exposure to the sun's rays becomes inevitable. As you already know spots and sun are not good friends. But do not worry, by adopting the right gestures and the right routine you can obtain results both in winter and summer for your "anti-stain" treatment!


After a day at the beach, a good facial cleansing session is highly recommended with your CLEAN'OYA "Purifying Cleanser" Foam®. It will both cleanse deeply to rid your skin of impurities but also regulate excess sebum since with summer and high heat the skin tends to secrete more.

Prolonged exposure to the sun causes dead cells that deteriorate the tan. So for a nice even tan remember to perform a scrub at least once a week using My Clean'OYA® "Exfoliating Cleanser" Gel.


Once your skin is cleansed and dried, it is ready to receive the MEL'OYA® active ingredients of your Anti-Stain Serum. After this cleansing, your pores are freed of all impurities and will allow the serum to penetrate deep into the epidermis. Every evening, you apply one to two hazelnuts of the MEL'OYA® "anti-stain" Serum locally on your stains, without rinsing. Dear OYA, to achieve results the key is regularity. Every night, be sure to apply your serum. Although it seems difficult to stick to it with the disjointed holiday schedule, you have to think about it. This is the secret to having results from 28 days on spots less than 3 years old.

I PROTECT my skin from UV rays with My SOLAR FLUID SPF 50 SUN'OYA®

Last but not least, the application of protection against the sun. Black and matte skin is naturally better protected from the sun's rays. However, during prolonged exposure, this natural protection is not enough. The risk of the appearance of brown spots is accentuated and the spots already present can darken. So dear OYA, do not take this step lightly and protect your skin with My Sun Fluid SPF 50 SUN'OYA® for optimal results!

My Solar Fluid SPF 50 SUN'OYA® thanks to its composition leaves no white trace even on the darkest skin. In addition, the presence of tapioca powder matifies your skin. So do not hesitate to apply it to avoid shining in the day.