sous-ton peau noireDiscovering the undertone of your skin is the key step to know the colors that sublimate you. With 39 different shades for black skin, it is sometimes complicated to find your ideal makeup palette, but also the colors of clothes in harmony with your complexion!

Contrary to popular belief, colorimetry concerns black, mixed and matte skin.   IN'OYA explains everything !

Why is it important to know the undertone of your skin ?

This is the starting point to become an expert in colors made for you and those to flee absolutely. You know the color of your skin, determined by the level of melanin, you have defined its nature (dry, combination, oily, or normal skin) and its needs with our online diagnosis. However, you may have missed one piece of information of the utmost importance in your make-up selection: you need to take into account the undertone.

The shade of the surface of your skin is likely to change color depending on your exposure to the sun. The subtone is inscribed more deeply. It is an epidermal layer located under the skin. Its color never varies, it is "anchored". We talk about underpigmentation, shade or skin tone.

There are only 3 types of subtones : cold, warm and neutral. Your complexion pulls towards pink, reddish or bluish ? Your undertone is " cold ". Do you notice golden or copper shades instead? Your subtone is rather " hot". If you can't decide between these two main categories then you are part of the neutral undertones.

How to recognize the undertone of your skin for sure ?

You may look in the mirror, but you can't determine the undertone of your skin. IN'OYA gives you the tips to recognize it simply. Colorimetry techniques offer many tests to define it. We have selected two infallible methods : they work very well for black, mixed and matte skin.

The vein test

In daylight, observe the color of the veins in your forearm or wrist. A shade is more clearly specified, it will determine your tone :

  • Your veins are green. Your subtone is warm (yellow, golden, coppery).
  • Your veins are blue or purple. Your subtone is cold (pink, red, blue).
  • The color of your veins is indefinite ? The undertone of your skin is neutral.

You think you have found your subtone but still hesitate? Would you like confirmation ? We offer you the test of jewelry suitable for black, mixed and matte skin.

The jewelry testpeau mate sous-ton

Maybe you already knew that ? The gold metal of your necklaces or earrings suits you better to the complexion than silver metal. You never knew why ? Your undertone is hot ! If it's the opposite, then your undertone is cold. Do the two harmonize with your complexion ? You can afford anything, because your subtone is neutral !

Undertone   tip: a choice of foundation finally successful !

Choosing the ideal foundation is often a headache for our dear OYAS. We decided to help you. You have found your color, the one adapted to your complexion, but once the product is applied, the result on your face is dull ? The reason is simple, you did not choose the right " undertone "!

Make-up professionals use this English term to refer to the tone of a complexion product. Cosmetics brands integrate this data into the creation of their formulas. They thus name their many nuances to differentiate them. Mastering this name and knowing your own tone will allow you to never make a mistake again when shopping.

In the same color range (light, dark) you will find a reference " cold tone" and another adapted to the " warm tone". Color alone is never a guarantee of " good shade " and even less of " good looks ".

For the most part their references with a C to indicate the cold undertone , a W for the warm undertone , and an N for neutral. Always check this information with your favorite brands, as some have different interpretations.

Secrets of pros and proof in pictures with our ambassadors

To complete your knowledge of colorimetry, here is the essential tool for professionals in image consulting, makeup and fashion : the circle – or color wheel.

roue chromatiqueCheck out this disc keeping in mind that you should choose shades that are similar and not opposite to your subtone.

On the right you see the warm colors, on the left the cold colors. So you can select " your colors ". Neutral undertones are the intermediate shades. This personalized palette will help you with all your choices in the future !


Here are some examples with our ambassadors, loyal OYAS :

Radiant @thiabrownsugar :

The golden jewels, the coral-dominated blouse sublimate it. Her skin has a warm undertone.

sous ton chaud

Bright @pvpillondudesert

The blue headband and purple lipstick highlight her complexion: cold undertone!

sous ton froid

Sublime @mounialicious :

The white top, silver jewelry and pink makeup illuminate her complexion : under your cold ? It's a trap : neutral undertone. A copper makeup would suit him as well!


Do not confuse skin color and undertone. Having black skin and a cold undertone is possible ! Have mixed skin, rather clear, but a warm undertone too !   If you have understood these basics, you will be an expert in choosing  makeup, clothes and jewelry in harmony with your complexion!