Regeneration and Repair of Black Skin

Régénérer et réparer une peau noire

Acne, burns, scars, pollution, sun, lightening products and so many other elements attack and alter your skin on a daily basis. To help it regenerate so that it can regain its original integrity, firmness and softness, we advise you to adopt this little routine :

First of all, regularly perform a scrub two to three times a week, which will help your skin remove dead cells, which will facilitate its renewal.  Thanks to your "Exfoliating Exfoliating Scrub Repellent" Gel , your skin will be gently exfoliated to preserve its integrity.

In the evening, give yourself a cocooning moment because that's when your skin needs you the most. Finally protected from all these external aggressions, your skin will need to be pampered to the maximum to be doubly ready to regenerate during your sleep.

After thoroughly cleaning your skin apply My Elixir "Regenerating Repairing" REPAIR'OYA®.

Thanks to these many assets, it will :

-          Moisturize your skin in depth to replenish its water reserve, decreased during the day but also solidify the hydrolipidic film.

-          Promote cell renewal but also the synthesis of your elastic and collagen fibers. It will thus allow your skin to regain its original integrity.

-          Boost your skin flora so that it can be ready for the next day to act against pollution, the sun etc.

By the good of all these properties, it will help your skin to be on the attack for the next day.

Perform self-massages on your face :

They will allow your skin to release the pressure. Your muscles will then be more relaxed which will prevent the aging of your skin. Your blood circulation will be revitalized which promotes the supply of nutrients for all your skin cells.

Here are some simple gestures that you can perform when applying My Elixir "Regenerating Repairing" REPAIR'OYA®

Massage anti rides peau noire massage anti rides peau noire massage anti rides peau noire

And of course the most important, to have a restful sleep:

You have prepared your skin well, it's perfect ! The only thing you have to do now is to sleep well! Yes, if you want to have beautiful skin and in great shape having a restful sleep is essential because it is at this time that your skin regenerates. A bad night slows down its regeneration process and will therefore make it less active and therefore more fragile the next day.

Here are some tips for getting a good night's sleep :

-          Prefer a light meal.

-          After all this routine, avoid screens. You can read or write down your good times of the day, this will allow you to relax in order to facilitate your falling asleep.

-          Try to go to bed and wake up at the same time each day.